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Senior Associate | Cyber R&R Enterprise Technology | PwC | Career | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Senior Associate | Cyber R&R Enterprise Technology | PwC | Career | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Senior Associate | Cyber R&R Enterprise Technology | PwC | Career | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

About Company

Аt РwС, оur рurроse is tо build trust in sосiety аnd sоlve imроrtаnt рrоblems. It is this fосus whiсh infоrms the serviсes we рrоvide аnd the deсisiоns we mаke.

Demоnstrаting genuine leаdershiр is mоre imроrtаnt tо us thаn size оr shоrt term revenue grоwth.

Оur strаtegy роsitiоns us аs the leаding firm; the mоst trusted, relevаnt сhоiсe fоr оur сlients аnd their stаkehоlders аnd the leаding emрlоyer fоr the best рeорle in the mаrket. It is built аrоund five рriоrities:

  • Leverаging teсhnоlоgy
  • Delivering exсeрtiоnаl сlient оutсоmes
  • Emроwering оur рeорle
  • Соmmitted tо high quаlity
  • Sustаinаble рrоfitаble grоwth

Job Description

A job in our Risk Management and Compliance Solutions Technology practise, which is part of our Internal Audit services, will allow you to get a better knowledge of an organization’s objectives, regulatory and risk management environment, and the various demands of its essential stakeholders. We assist organisations in looking deeper and seeing further into areas such as culture and behaviour in order to strengthen and embed controls. In a nutshell, we want to handle the correct risks and, as a result, give value to their company.

Through our controls testing and monitoring solutions, our team assists corporate leaders in implementing successful governance, risk, and compliance programmes. As a member of the team, you’ll contribute to the integration of advanced data analysis and cutting-edge technological solutions to provide our clients with a long-term, high-quality, and efficient approach to compliance management.

Each and every one of us at PwC needs to be a purpose-driven and values-driven leader at every level if we are to truly stand out and be fit for the future in a continuously changing environment. The PwC Professional, our global leadership development framework, will aid us in this endeavour. It unifies our expectations across lines, locations, and career pathways, and it clarifies the abilities we need as people to be successful and advance in our jobs in the present and future.

  • Use feedback and reflection to develop self awareness, personal strengths and address development areas.
  • Delegate to others to provide stretch opportunities, coaching them to deliver results.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and the ability to bring order to unstructured problems.
  • Use a broad range of tools and techniques to extract insights from current industry or sector trends.
  • Review your work and that of others for quality, accuracy and relevance.
  • Know how and when to use tools available for a given situation and can explain the reasons for this choice.
  • Seek and embrace opportunities which give exposure to different situations, environments and perspectives.
  • Use straightforward communication, in a structured way, when influencing and connecting with others.
  • Able to read situations and modify behavior to build quality relationships.
  • Uphold the firm’s code of ethics and business conduct


  • Leading and/or supporting security configuration and implementation for Oracle Cloud HCM/Finance offerings including:
  • Analysing business processes and documenting user role requirements
  • Designing, developing and testing custom business user roles to ensure they meet business operational and risk compliance requirements
  • Creating accompanying technical security role design documents.
  • Creating Oracle Cloud Security training manuals and performing end user user training.
  • Supporting wider functional and user-acceptance testing including remediating any security, access orrole design defects.
  • Implementing and configuring Oracle Risk Management Cloud (ORMC) for all modules (Advanced Access Controls, Advanced Financials Controls and Financial Reporting Compliance) including:
  • Requirements gathering for ORMC
  • Full system development lifecycle for ORMC modules (including end user roles).
  • Creating supporting programme documentation such as configuration workbooks and other programme design documents encompassing technical details RMC design.
  • Creating user training manuals and performing user training.
  • Co-facilitating and/or attending client design/fit gap analysis workshops to understand business requirements, identify potential solutions and drive consensus on the implementation and create functional specifications
  • Working with multiple onsite/offshore teams as an individual contributor with minimal supervision also provides guidance to junior team members as required.
  • Providing support during testing cycles (e.g. SIT, UAT and Go Live).
  • Adapting work programs and practice aids, as well as performing assessments, using PwC’s proprietary or other relevant tools to evaluate controls, security, SOD, and potential for optimisation.
  • Identifying and addressing client needs, including developing and sustaining meaningful client relationships and understanding of the client’s business.


  • Minimum of 4 years experience in the areas mentioned in the Job Description above
  • Good knowledge of core Finance business processes that support Oracle Cloud ERP (O2C, P2P, R2R, System Administration)
  • Substantial functional knowledge in Oracle Cloud ERP solutions and demonstrates thorough understanding of supporting business processes.
  • Substantial experience in Oracle Cloud ERP application security, risk and business process controls, across core modules
  • Substantial understanding of the systems implementation lifecycle, including design, build, test and deploy phases.
  • Oracle Cloud ERP project/programme management or Assurance project/programme experience
  • At least 3 years of Fusion experience in security implementation on HCM/Finance domain
  • At least 1.5-2 years of experience on Risk Management Cloud on creating models (Advanced Access Control, Advanced Financial Control) and deploying controls.
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in writing/modifying SQL queries
  • Ability to work collaboratively with functional/technical colleagues to develop controls solutions
  • Experience in coaching junior members of staff. Helping them develop technically and personally.
  • Demonstrates an ability to act independently and think critically about client needs and solutions to them. Able to translate best practice into working solutions.
  • Thorough abilities to identify and address client needs, including developing and sustaining meaningful client relationships and understanding of the client’s business.
  • A strong team player, committed to providing high quality and building strong relationships
  • Demonstrable experience of working on multiple projects, managing your time effectively to deliver high quality work to tight deadlines
  • Good commercial acumen and an interest in how complex organisations operate
  • Commitment to continual development both technically and personally and a willingness to learn new skills and help develop and innovate new client propositions
  • Ability to communicate clearly with colleagues and clients at all levels, effective written and verbal communication skills including English, including explaining complex technical issues to non-technical people such as client contacts.
  • Experience with the Google suite of products, including an understanding how to effectively use Google Sheets formulas.
  • At least 2-3 years of experience on Page Customisation, Personalisation and Approvals Configuration.
  • At least 2-3 years of experience on Oracle cloud BI/OTBI reporting, building custom Infolets, HDL (HCM Data Loader) / FBDi (File Based Data Import).
  • Oracle Risk Management Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist certification desirable
  • Good Knowledge in middleware tools like Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), Authorisation Policy Manager (APM)
  • Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Masters in Computer Applications

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