About Us

Career Height works as a medium to bridge the gap between talent & opportunities and offers end-to-end recruitment solutions. It all started when all over the world was suffering from the post-effect of the Pandemic. Lots of people lost their jobs since the companies were laying off. Then it became the idea of Career Height which has grown into a platform that helps Job Seekers to get their dream job.  We are obliged to provide you information which is verified by the companies. Career Height doesn’t charge any fee.


During the period of this pandemic, lots of people lost their jobs. By witnessing this we are motivated to do something good for the people who lost their jobs by providing the current opening in various organizations. People find it difficult to get a job when they don’t know about it. We provide information regarding Jobs/ Internship opportunities so that their suffering may come to an end. We provide a single platform where people can find information about jobs, internships, courses, scholarships, and other special features to enhance their skills. We at Career Height are obliged to provide jobs which are verified by the company so that our people don’t need to suffer from fraud. We only provide information about the current openings. Always remember that if anyone seeks money from you on behalf of Career Height, it is a case of fraud and we urge you not to fall into their trap. If you require any further information or share any such communications which you may receive, you are requested to please get in touch with us at [email protected]