Risk Reporting Associate | NatWest Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Risk Reporting Associate | NatWest Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Risk Reporting Associate | NatWest Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company

We’re a company that recognises that when our customers and employees succeed, so do our communities and our economy. We’re looking at how we can generate change for our communities in enterprise, learning, and climate as part of our mission.

We prioritise enterprise as a force of change as one of the major backers of UK business. We’re concentrating on the people and groups who have traditionally faced the most significant barriers to entrance and figuring out how to overcome them.

In an ever-changing and increasingly digital world, learning is also critical to our company’s continuing success. Our workers thrive as a result of our dynamic and forward-thinking learning culture, and our clients benefit from the tools we provide to help them increase their financial aptitude and confidence.

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges humanity will face in the future. That’s why it’s at the very heart of our mission. We intend to finance and promote climate solutions, completely integrate climate into our culture and decision-making, and become climate positive by 2025.

We’re dedicated to leveraging our mission to break down barriers, inspire change, and ultimately make the workplace a better place to work.

Risk Reporting Associate Job Description

You’ll design, develop, test, and manage applications and services using widely accepted software engineering concepts and processes to meet stated business and technological goals while staying within budget and timeline constraints. We’ll also look to you to oversee job quality, ensuring that it fulfils technical requirements for all services delivered.

  • This is an opportunity for a technically minded individual to join us as a Software Engineer
  • You’ll be working with new and innovative technology to deliver high impact solutions
  • Hone your existing software engineering skills and advance your career in this critical role


  • Design and develop reusable libraries and application programming interfaces for use across the bank
  • Design and develop software that is amenable for a greater automation of build, release testing and deployment process on all environments
  • Support the reuse and sharing of platform components and technologies within the software engineering teams
  • Deliver software components to enable the delivery of platforms, applications and services
  • Write unit and integration tests, in automated test environments to ensure code quality


  • Experience of test-driven development alongside the use of automated test frameworks, mocking and stubbing and unit testing tools
  • Knowledge of the key phases of software delivery lifecycle and established software development methodologies
  • Experience of working in an environment where products must be delivered to specific timescales
  • An understanding of how to translate product and business requirements into technical solutions
  • The ability to understand and support, modify and maintain systems and code developed by other engineering teams

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