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Open ESB Admin | Bosch Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bengaluru 2022

Open ESB Admin | Bosch Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bengaluru 2022

Open ESB Admin | Bosch Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bengaluru 2022

About Company

Rоbert Bоsсh Engineering аnd Business Sоlutiоns Рrivаte Limited is а 100% оwned subsidiаry оf Rоbert Bоsсh GmbH, оne оf the wоrld’s leаding glоbаl suррlier оf teсhnоlоgy аnd serviсes, оffering end-tо-end Engineering, IT аnd Business Sоlutiоns. With оver 18,000 аssосiаtes, it’s the lаrgest sоftwаre develорment сentre оf Bоsсh, оutside Germаny, indiсаting thаt it is the Teсhnоlоgy Роwerhоuse оf Bоsсh in Indiа with а glоbаl fооtрrint аnd рresenсe in the US, Eurорe аnd the Аsiа Расifiс regiоn.

Open ESB Admin Job Description

  • 3- 5 years of experience in Opensource Middleware Integration Operations
  • Strong Knowledge on Linux command line for performing System admin activities such as installation, upgrade, backup and restore. (On-premise, Cloud and hybrid)
  • Experience working on Linux based infrastructure
  • Excellent understanding of Shell script, python, and Java
  • Excellent troubleshooting based on logging, networking and infrastructure.
  • Proper understanding on Automation/scripting language, i.e. Ansible, Shell scripting and desirable understanding on DevOps technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Open shift, Jenkins.
  • Understating on SSL certificates, Http/Https protocols, different Http status codes, TCP/IP internet layers, different kind of Data transfer/store language such as XML, JSON, etc.
  • Strong knowledge on opensource integration products such as apache camel using spring frameworkRestful /Soap architecture, Understanding on Firewall implementation.
  • Knowledge on different kind of monitoring, logging & dashboard tools such as PromutusSplunk, Grafana
  • Understanding on Using different kind of API Testing tools such as Postman, Fiddler CURL and Swagger/SoapUI
  • Proper command on Git and branch strategy.
  • Working knowledge of various tools, open-source technologies, and cloud services
  • Awareness of critical concepts in DevOps and Agile principles
  • Application Skills ( API )
    • Integration Design Patterns knowledge
    • Micro services architecture experience  
    • Experience in Java
  • Experience in Operations with SLA service, and flexible  to work in shifts if project needed