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Big Data Engineer | Amazon Careers | Bangalore | Job Alert | Latest Engineering Job Update 2022 Career Height

Big Data Engineer | Amazon Careers | Bangalore | Job Alert | Latest Engineering Job Update 2022 Career Height

Big Data Engineer | Amazon Careers | Bangalore | Job Alert | Latest Engineering Job Update 2022 Career Height

About Company

“Mаny оf the рrоblems we fасe hаve nо textbооk sоlutiоn, аnd sо we-hаррily-invent new оnes.” – Jeff Bezоs

Аmаzоn.соm – а рlасe where builders саn build. We hire the wоrld’s brightest minds аnd оffer them аn envirоnment in whiсh they саn invent аnd innоvаte tо imрrоve the exрerienсe fоr оur сustоmers. А Fоrtune 100 соmраny bаsed in Seаttle, Wаshingtоn, Аmаzоn is the glоbаl leаder in e-соmmerсe. Аmаzоn оffers everything frоm bооks аnd eleсtrоniсs tо арраrel аnd diаmоnd jewelry.

We орerаte sites in Аustrаliа, Brаzil, Саnаdа, Сhinа, Frаnсe, Germаny, Indiа, Itаly, Jараn, Mexiсо, Netherlаnds, Sраin, United Kingdоm аnd United Stаtes, аnd mаintаin dоzens оf fulfillment сenters аrоund the wоrld whiсh enсоmраss mоre thаn 26 milliоn squаre feet.

Teсhnоlоgiсаl innоvаtiоn drives the grоwth оf Аmаzоn, оffering оur сustоmers mоre seleсtiоn, соnvenient shоррing, аnd lоw рriсes. Аmаzоn Web Serviсes рrоvides develорers аnd smаll tо lаrge businesses ассess tо the hоrizоntаlly sсаlаble stаte оf the аrt сlоud infrаstruсture like S3, EС2, АMI, СlоudFrоnt аnd SimрleDB, thаt роwers Аmаzоn.соm. Develорers саn build аny tyрe оf business оn Аmаzоn Web Serviсes аnd sсаle their аррliсаtiоn with grоwing business needs.

We wаnt yоu tо helр shаre аnd shарe оur missiоn tо be Eаrth’s mоst сustоmer-сentriс соmраny. Аmаzоn’s evоlutiоn frоm Web site tо e-соmmerсe раrtner tо develорment рlаtfоrm is driven by the sрirit оf inventiоn thаt is раrt оf оur DNА. We dо this every dаy by inventing elegаnt аnd simрle sоlutiоns tо соmрlex teсhniсаl аnd business рrоblems. We’re mаking histоry аnd the gооd news is thаt we’ve оnly just begun.

About Amazon Music

Consider yourself a member of an agile team whose ideas have the potential to reach millions. Consider working on cutting-edge consumer-facing products where every team member has a say in the decision-making process. Consider being able to leverage the resources of a Fortune-500 company while operating in the environment of a start-up. Welcome to Amazon Music, where ideas are conceived and realised as Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, and much more.

Everyone on our team has an impact on product features, new music streaming directions, and customer engagement. We are looking for new team members in a variety of roles such as software engineering/development, marketing, design, operations, and more. Join us as we make history in the coming year by launching exciting new projects.

Our team is working hard to create a personalised, curated, and seamless music experience. We want to help our customers discover new artists while also providing them with access to their favourite established musicians. To support our customer base, we build systems that are distributed on a large scale, including our music apps, web player, and voice-forward audio engagement on mobile and Amazon Echo devices powered by Alexa. Amazon Music is available in over 200 countries, and our applications support our mission of delivering music to customers in new and exciting ways that improve their daily lives.

Big Data Engineer Job Description

There’s a lot of info on Amazon Music! The Music Data Experience team allows repeatable, straightforward, in-depth analysis of music customer behaviour to help make sense of it all. We save time and effort by reducing the cost of analysis, data set creation, model creation, and user segmentation. By offering high-quality, high-availability data and democratised data access through self-service tools, we hope to allow all teams at Amazon Music to make data-driven decisions and effectively measure their results.

This position is for you if you enjoy the challenges that come with large data. Every day, we collect billions of events, handle petabytes of data on Redshift and S3, and build data pipelines with Spark/Scala EMR, SQL-based ETL, and Java services.

You’re a smart, energetic, and detail-oriented Data Engineer, Data Science, Business Intelligence, or Software Development professional who understands how to tackle big data problems quickly. Big data design and analysis, data modelling, and the creation, deployment, and operation of big data pipelines are among the responsibilities. You’ll also assist with the hiring, mentoring, and development of peers on the Music Data Experience team, such as Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Software Engineers. Through an Amazon Music data university, you’ll help create Amazon Music’s most significant data pipelines and data sets, as well as enhance self-service data understanding and skills.

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This position requires you to work at the intersection of data and engineering. You have a thorough understanding of data, analytical techniques, and how to apply insights to the business, as well as practical experience insisting on the highest standards in ETL and big data pipeline operations. With our Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music services, as well as our top spot on the Alexa platform as a music provider, providing high quality, high availability data to our internal customers is critical to our customer experiences.

The Music Data Experience team creates data specifically for a set of key business domains such as personalization and marketing, as well as provides and safeguards a robust self-service core data experience for all internal customers. We work with Amazon Web Services technologies such as Redshift, S3, EMR, EC2, DynamoDB, Kinesis Firehose, and Lambda. Your team will migrate Amazon Music’s information model and data pipelines to a data exchange store (Data Lake) and an EMR/Spark processing layer in 2020. You will help to build our data university and collaborate with the Product, Marketing, BI, and ML teams to create new behavioural events, pipelines, datasets, models, and reporting to support their initiatives. You’ll also keep working on big data pipelines.


  • 3+ years of experience as a Data Engineer or in a similar role
  • Experience with data modeling, data warehousing, and building ETL pipelines
  • Experience in SQL


  • 3+ years of experience as a data/software developer
  • Experience working with predictive analytics/decision models/data mining libraries as well as the tools for developing it
  • Experience building or administering reporting/analytics platforms
  • Experience building flexible data APIs that consumers use to power other parts of the business
  • Knowledge of orchestrator e.g. Airflow/AWS Step Function
  • Experience with Agile Development
  • Love for Data

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