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Analyst | HSBC Bank | Career | Job Alert | Latest Job Update Career Height 2022

Analyst | HSBC Bank | Career | Job Alert | Latest Job Update Career Height 2022

Analyst | HSBC Bank | Career | Job Alert | Latest Job Update Career Height 2022

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We’re а finаnсiаl serviсes оrgаnisаtiоn thаt serves mоre thаn 40 milliоn сustоmers, rаnging frоm individuаl sаvers аnd investоrs tо sоme оf the wоrld’s biggest соmраnies аnd gоvernments. Оur netwоrk соvers 64 соuntries аnd territоries, аnd we’re here tо use оur unique exрertise, сараbilities, breаdth аnd рersрeсtives tо орen uр а wоrld оf орроrtunity fоr оur сustоmers.

Analyst Job Description

The CDS Analyst job is crucial in supporting the CDS Strategy of ensuring that client data is fit for business consumption at all times. In ERDS, the Entity team performs Legal Entity Verification, Input, and Approval. It also takes an active role in data readiness programmes to support the Global Standards programme. This includes all Global Banking, Global Markets, Commercial Banking Clients (who use Global Markets Products), Prime Services (PS), Funds, and Strategic Clients across all geographies.

The function of a Domain / Subject Matter Expert is to assist the AVP / VP in driving process and department level agenda. The candidate must be able to work freely without supervision on a daily basis, have great interpersonal skills, and ensure that the team is seeking to enhance data quality and establish strong data competence within the team.


  • Support the AVP / VP in driving process and department level agenda.
  • Continually seek to improve organizational efficiency by reviewing the operating process and implementing change where possible.
  • Create and retain the culture of “one team” within and across sites.
  • Resolve all local issues in coordination with the site local management.
  • Create and retain the culture of “one team” within and across sites.
  • Motivate and develop team members to meet business objectives.
  • Manage attrition across the team / department.
  • Create an environment where the staff fully understands cross-functional environment & needs
  • Establish and maintain relationships with business units / managers for managing day-to-day business. 
  • Periodic review of SLAs to match the changing dynamics of business. 
  • Actively participate and engage stakeholders from all businesses such as CMB, KYCS, Global Standards, CMS etc with regular business calls and ensure weekly / fortnightly progress updates are provided to all ahead of calls & all discussion pointed minuted and circulated in a timely manner.
  • Manage expectations in line with business requirements and ensure deliverables are agreed based on prioritization matrix and internal approvals
  • Work collaboratively with Peer managers & maintain highly effective resource / people management techniques are implemented to ensure highest level of quality and productivity of team/s
  • Maintain / Enhance business focused metrics to facilitate transparency 
  • Re-engineer and align processes to introduce controls across processes/systems to improve consistency of 
  • entity data across the various GBM systems
  • Timely escalation and communication of any identified issues while on-boarding or maintaining data
  • Capacity Management – Increase capacity to cater to higher volumes and/or superior service and improved quality in a reduced turnaround time.
  • Management of Risk (GHR / FIM requirements)
    • Contribute towards addressing and close findings from GBM Onboarding’s Global OpR risk disciplines and any findings from GFA
    • Comply with the approved Entity Data Policies and Standards, identify non-compliance processes and practices in the GBM Onboarding team or other teams
    • And remediate and lastly identify any additional Entity Data Policies and Standards that are necessary and suggest them to the management committee.
    • To implement the Group Compliance Policy as applicable to your role in conjunction with the relevant Compliance Department. 
    • Address control issues identified in the GBM Onboarding audit, working closely with Global Banking and Global Infrastructure support functions where cross-functional solutions are required
  • Operational Effectiveness & Control
    • To implement the Group Compliance Policy as applicable to the role in conjunction with the relevant
    • Compliance Department. 
    • The term ‘compliance’ embraces all relevant laws, rules and codes with which the business has to comply
    • within the GSD locations and in relation to the countries migrating work.
    • To continually re-assess the operational risks inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures, management restructures, and the impact of new technology in conjunction with the donor Group companies.
  • Major Challenges
    • Lead an operations team working in a dynamic and challenging environment
    • Monitor & enhance effective processes and controls
    • The Entity Data area has a large reg. program. A host of reg. programs are in different stages of implementation
    • To keep pace with an aggressive reg. program while balancing productivity & quality is a major challenge
    • Adherence to Markets FIM and the newly approved Entity Data Policies and Standards is of the highest importance


  • Have been with HSBC for 36 months (post completion of learning curve) for internal candidates.
  • External candidates have 2+years of experience in client onboarding process.
  • Be well versed with CDS – Entity policies and procedures
  • Fully understands the use of data within the trade life cycle and its impact to the Client
  • Possess good knowledge of operational workflow and systems within Client Data Services.
  • Knowledge of various regulatory requirements impacting Client Data Services
  • Ability to learn quickly and transfers knowledge appropriately
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Been an approver in any asset class or region.
  • Ability to build rapport with variety of stakeholders. 
  • Ability to identify procedural gaps and suggest changes.
  • Well versed with the Risk and Controls of the process.
  • Good Team Player, Self-motivator, problem solver & a strong eye for details / accuracy
  • Experience in training techniques, methods, feedback delivery and evaluation 
  • Analytical approach to assessing and reporting the impact of training on business performance 
  • Ability to effectively lead, coach and motivate performance
  • Proven ability to analyze issues, organize and proactively manage change 
  • Service oriented and customer focusedFluency in written and spoken English 
  • Proficient in MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PPT, VISIO
  • Knowledge of regulatory drivers such as the Dodd Frank Act,HKMA, EMIR, FATCA, Volcker, MRUD, MAS, ASIC etc

What additional skills will be good to have? (List out good to have skills and certifications)

  • Technical Content Development certifications
  • Migrations & Project management

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