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Internship | Fellowship | ONGC | Internship Alert | Latest Internship 2022

Internship | Fellowship | ONGC | Internship Alert | Latest Internship 2022

About Organisation

The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), a Maharatna Public Sector Enterprise and India’s largest oil and gas company, is responsible for oil and gas exploration and production in India and internationally.

Handicrafts have a long and illustrious history in India. India’s crafts are diverse, with a rich history, culture, and religion. ONGC is conducting programmes to promote handicraft in numerous Indian states, including Rajasthan, Assam, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Karnataka, as part of [email protected] The “Shilpvidya ki udaan ke sahyogi” Fellowship and Internship Program offers young leaders from across India a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on some of the most pressing concerns and learn what it takes to “make change happen” in the field of handicrafts.

The fellows and interns will work to develop a brand for the handicrafts that can be sold on the worldwide market and will assist the organisation in the field. It is an opportunity for young pupils who are motivated and passionate about helping others.

To promote and assist the artists of 16 Indian handicrafts in preserving the history of our country’s rich art and craft heritage, ONGC and the ONGC Foundation have stepped forward. ONGC Foundation has already launched six handicrafts projects in India and plans to launch ten more in the fiscal year 2022-23.

It is vital to have some supporting hands on the ground in order to effectively implement Handicrafts programmes and achieve meaningful results. This would not only assist ONGC Foundation in analysing projects, but it will also assist them in better understanding the ground realities in their sector and providing them with better insights to address project issues.


The major goal of this initiative is to maintain and expand the existing organisational infrastructure that helps rural Indians better their livelihoods over time. The intervention focuses on India’s rich and diverse handicraft history, which is carried out by talented rural artisans who create beautiful things with tremendous commercial potential. The purpose is to give both practical and intangible inputs to help a small group of organisations working in the field better the lives and livelihoods of India’s handicraft and handloom artists.

The objective can be summarized as follows: 

  • To strengthen and develop a sustainable handicraft project, engaging interns through their skills to enhance the handicraft projects and its products through marketing, branding and designing. 
  • To increase the visibility of handicraft and creating an evergreen market platform to promote the handicraft across globe. 
  • To teach artisans about the global market and help them to create a product which can be sold in domestic as well as international level.

Key Features

  • Fellows will be assigned to work with ONGC Foundation and project implementing partners in Art & Culture sector. 
  • Fellows will provide analytical, creative and design support for the implementing of the project by ONGC Foundation. 
  • Fellows are required to critically evaluate the requirement in the field, provide support in research and development for better outcomes of the projects undertaken by ONGC Foundation. 
  • Fellows will also help ONGC Foundation and implementing agencies to develop a platform for handicraft projects. 
  • The fellows will get hands-on experience of solving grassroots challenges and develop implementation modules which will help them in charting a worthy work career ahead


This is a full-time paid position for passionate fellows and interns who are concerned for social causes and want a career boost in the marketing and designing sector.

The responsibilities of FELLOWS will include:

  • Coordinating 15 Handicraft Projects-
    • The fellows will be managing handicraft projects with implementing organization and working in coordination with Interns and assist them to complete their responsibilities
    • The fellows will ensure the performance of the team is according to the program standards
    • Developing project strategies to ensure the smooth functioning of the project.
    • Fellows will ensure projects adhere to frameworks and all documentation is maintained appropriately for each project.
    • Fellows will coordinate with marketing and designing team to ensure that the project is working according to the timeline.
    • Fellows will act as a link between the management, interns and the beneficiaries of the projects.
  • Establishing networking for the projects-
    • The fellows will help to create the network for the handicraft’s product
    • The fellows will ensure that the handicraft products will reach to masses.
    • Establish a network with buying and fashion houses to create a good demand for the product.
    • Analyzing sales data – reporting growth, expansion, and change in markets.
    • Gathering information on market trends and customers’ reactions to products.
    • Fellows will help to create a direct supply chain between the supplier and the artisan to reduce the manufacturing cost of the product.
    • Preparation of a strategic plan to create a sustainable network for the handicrafts.
    • The fellows will also make a plan to tackle the grassroots level challenges
  • Developing Marketing and Designing-
    • Developing Marketing collaterals for branding and advertisement.
    • Creating presentation to bring out the challenges faced by the artisans of the particular handicrafts.
    • Developing and designing marketing channels on different online platform about the handicraft product.
    • Creating strategies to market the handicraft products.
    • Analyzing the current industry of the handicraft and create a plan to overcome the challenges that is faced by the handicraft manufacturer.
    • Finding and developing new market to improve the demand of the handicrafts..
    • Help artisans to develop a product according to the need of the potential buyers.
    • Fellows will create a plan to market the product direct to the customers and buying houses.
    • Building brand of the products

The responsibilities of INTERNS will include:

  • Business Development & Marketing Interns-
    • A collaborative approach where Interns from Business Development & Marketing B school will be working in coordination with Interns from Design schools for Product Development, marketing and branding of different handicraft products. 
    • Merchandising ecosystem involving buying houses and fashion houses.
    • The Intern will be engaged on the marketing medium, creating different networking and collaboration through online and offline forums.
    • Preparation of short case studies on objects which will help guide web label and blog development and objects out of storage program.
    • Preparing marketing collaterals such as drafting content and stories.
    • Creating Brand of the entire handicraft project in one Name “Hastshilpa Kala- Bharat Ka EK Naya Ubharta Yug Fellowship”, etc., with logo and colour standardization for all handicraft product as one.
    • Identifying customer base
  • Design and Product Development from Design School-
    • A collaborative approach where interns from Design and Product Development from Design School will be engaged in Designing the handicraft products logo, creatives, stories, etc. Understand the target market and product consumers, Design the handicraft product the according to the requirement of the market. 
    • The Interns will work as a learning researcher, arts coordination, and subject matter skills relating to the field of cultural heritage .
    • Aligning with the idea of creative products, Interns will study the need of the organization, considering the market need, trend, fashion, colors, texture, the product will be designed and developed.
    • The Interns will design the handicraft product according to the demand of the market and try to build a USP for the handicraft product
  • Packaging from design schools of packaging-
    • The interns will develop short script/narrative to help contextualize the objects and stories, these stories can be used for packaging.
    • Aligning with the idea of creative products, Interns will study the need of the organization, considering the market need, trend, fashion, colors, texture, the product will be designed and developed.
    • The interns will design the label and packaging of the handicraft product. 
    • The interns will focus on packaging, material, labeling, standardizing, etc to have a uniform brand and structure of safe packaging and delivery
  • Event organizers-
    • Interns will be engaged for organizing exhibitions at ONGC Foundation Office Delhi, few workshops will be planned involving various buying houses, National Level workshops on branding, marketing and selling..
    • Coordinating and managing the whole event.
    • Students from different institute will be collaborating for handicraft project event organizing, Indian Institute of Event management, NAEMD institute, AAFT school of Events etc. 
    • Interns will focus on post-production process through networking and offline engagement on various events.



Coordinating Handicraft projectsMBA in Rural Development/ MSW
Networking & MerchandisingMaster in Merchandising, M.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Merchandising, MBA and/or Master in Fashion Technology and Management.
Marketing and designingMBA/Masters in M.Des (Masters in Design) – Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Multimedia Design, New Media Design, Product Design, MFA (Master in Fine Arts) – Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Animation, Motion Graphics
Desirable-qualificationStrategic analysis and analytic skills
Experience of using Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel).


Business development and marketing internPursuing MBA, M.E (Product development)
Design and Product Development internPursuing Master’s in Product design, M.Des (Product Design) and Master’s in Fashion technology
Packaging schools internMaster’s degree in Packaging technology, MBA and Master’s in fashion technology
Event organizersMBA, Master’s in Business, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing or Event Management
Desirable qualificationExcellent writing and communication skills
Basic knowledge of Microsoft office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Personal Traits

  • Be passionate about the social change and promising towards sustainable future
  • Be thoughtful, committed, respected and inspirational leaders within their professional fields and within their larger community
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Be available and flexible to participate in all program components on the program dates specified;
  • Understanding and interpretation of Design
  • Having an eye for detail, creative


The fellows build themselves while also building the nation by focusing on a social change problem. They will have a deep understanding of change leadership as well as a system design thinking methodology that they can apply to any social problem. The fellowship is intended to assist fellows and interns in developing leadership skills.

  • Space to innovate and grow: Fellowship programmes facilitates personal and professional development. For individuals working on some of the most complex problems in society, this provides the space to learn and grow and exposure to new ideas and techniques. 
  • Personal growth and enhanced status: Catalyst for personal growth (it led to an increase in confidence, knowledge and capacity) and provides participants with opportunities for professional development. The exposure, access to networks, and diversity, helps acquiring new skills and fast-tracks their careers
  • Career Development: Professional fellowships exist for the specific purpose of introducing a new generation of professionals to established leaders in their fields. This Fellowships include trainings, mentorships and other networking opportunities to connect fellows with executives, speakers, and mentors, many of whom are fellowship alumni themselves.
  • Contribution to issues and Society : Fellows continue to be change agents even after the duration of the fellowship, are seen as thought leaders, stay connected to social justice, contribute to innovation, programs and policies, and continue to give back to their organizations and society at large

Application Process

  • Fellowship and Internship terms must be RECEIVED BY 12:00 pm EST on (10th May 2022). After initial review, selected applicants will be invited for an on-site interview.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be scheduled for on-site interviews in early 2nd or 3rd week of May. y. 
  • Notification will be made via email to all applicants once their application is complete.
  • Notification of application status (i.e., interview) for only selected candidates will be made by email.
  • Final decisions for the Fellowship will be made in the month of June

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