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EUC & Collab Analyst | Unilever Careers | Jobs in HUL | Latest Analyst Job 2021 | Latest job in Bangalore

About Company | Unilever Careers

Be раrt оf the wоrld’s mоst suссessful, рurроse-led business. Wоrk with brаnds thаt аre well-lоved аrоund the wоrld, thаt imрrоve the lives оf оur соnsumers аnd the соmmunities аrоund us. We рrоmоte innоvаtiоn, big аnd smаll, tо mаke оur business win аnd grоw; аnd we believe in business аs а fоrсe fоr gооd. Unleаsh yоur сuriоsity, сhаllenge ideаs аnd disruрt рrосesses; use yоur energy tо mаke this hаррen.

Оur brilliаnt business leаders аnd соlleаgues рrоvide mentоrshiр аnd insрirаtiоn, sо yоu саn be аt yоur best. Every dаy, nine оut оf ten Indiаn hоusehоlds use оur рrоduсts tо feel gооd, lооk gооd аnd get mоre оut оf life – giving us а unique орроrtunity tо build а brighter future.

Unilever Careers

Roles and Responsibilities | Unilever Careers

  • Support in managing EUC, mobile and O365 (support) vendor(s).
  • Working with vendors to drive the design and delivery of identity solutions and understanding the complexities of the solution in relation to environment.
  • Support in escalations for any of the EUC and mobile incidents.
  • Monitoring SLA’s and KPIs that can be used by the ekaterra IT organisation when reviewing the IT Service Levels with the business as well to manage the vendor(s) on contractual obligations.
  • Facilitate in reviewing and approving device catalogue standards (e.g. device makes / models / specs – owning product roadmaps with OEM’s).
  • Proactively monitoring of device / application health.
  • Aid in developing & maintaining user facing strategy documents (e.g. mobile policy / device policy / print policy).
  • Preparing monthly management reports detailing performance of EUC, mobile and O365 suite.
  • Service catalogue ownership: all services relating to our service line.
  • Reviewing and renegotiating contract renewals with laptop/printer/mobile providers.
  • Reports to the EUC & Collab Manager
  • IT Managers of all IT service lines
  • Business departments, process owners, super users

Eligibility | Unilever Careers

  • Degree in technology-related field, or equivalent work- or education-related experience.
  • Some experience in managing vendors and essential to drive efficiencies in service/cost ideally with vendors of IT hardware and mobile devices.
  • Experience in IT infrastructure with tangible experience in several different areas, breadth, and depth.
  • External lens on IT development and trends that can support the roadmap for IT infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of managing a Windows 10 based estate.
  • Understanding of device management solutions (e.g. SCCM / Intune).
  • Asset management including device provisioning, automation and management.
  • Managing hardware refreshes and rollouts.
  • Good understanding of Office 365 components (e.g. Exchange online, SharePoint online, Teams, and OneDrive for Business).
  • Broad understanding of identity management (e.g. Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Azure AD Connect).
  • Broad understanding of Azure and AWS.
  • Experience of telecoms expense tools.
  • Understanding of proactive device monitoring tools (e.g. MS analytics / Aternity).
  • Good experience in Intune Device Management.
  • You have a thirst for knowledge enabling personal growth and personal development.
  • Personal drive, with a track record of working to tight timelines in a challenging environment.
  • Passionate people-focused individual, valuing diversity and different cultures.
  • Understands the importance of diverse cultures and values different views and perspectives.
  • Understands the importance and objectives of the ekaterra organisation.
  • Appreciates the challenges faced with a greenfield site, with the mindset that is required for successful outcomes.
  • Recognises the importance of a well-defined clear business strategy.
  • Having a good accountability/responsibility, growth mindset and bias for action. Consumer and Customer focused. Always building talent and teams.

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