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Jobs in Bangalore | Lokal Careers | Product Design | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2021


Jobs in Bangalore | Lokal Careers | Product Design | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2021

About Company

Lokal provides local news and classifieds to India’s 900 million non-English speaking customers. In India, English-speaking people have access to high-quality internet goods for employment, classifieds, shopping, education, and pretty much everything else. Non-English speaking consumers, on the other hand, have no access to high-quality internet goods for anything other than pleasure.

Lokal is changing that by offering non-English speaking Indian users with local news, classifieds, and more. Apply to Lokal if you want to create at scale and be a part of a company that has the potential to be important for decades to come.

Job Description

Someone who feels that good design is essential in the solution of all problems. You are aware that design encompasses not just how things seem and feel, but also how each process progresses. Even the most routine tasks in life may be made simpler with better design. You are passionate about goods and possess exceptional creative abilities. You want to be in charge of creating and bringing goods to fruition.

You strictly adhere to Buxton’s guideline of creating at least three options for each design choice. You admire the grid and despise all the icons that are half-pixel aligned. Interested in helping to shape and build the visual product language for Lokal’s 10 million+ vernacular language consumers.

Jobs in Bangalore | Lokal Careers | Product Design


  • The ability and empathy to conduct user research to understand the needs of a large user base whose lived reality is far removed from your own
  • Visual literacy and working knowledge of design tools to help you transform product specs and paper wireframes into high-fidelity, ready-to-develop screens with practiced ease
  • A knack for working with diverse teams for moving towards a shared goal by exercising influence instead of control
  • 2 to 5 years of experience in designing visual language systems for digital products and services
  • Experience in designing B2C products
  • A thought process that is based on the core principles of user-centered design thinking.
  • Have experience in conducting primary user research and usability testing, and deriving actionable insights from the same 
  • Have previously worked in a fast-paced startup environment with a small-medium org size
  • Possess conversational knowledge in any of the regional languages in India.
  • Regularly spend a lot of time-consuming knowledge relevant to design, product and startups in various forms – articles, books, podcasts, documentaries etc.
  • Are passionate about design, and have a continuous growth mindset focussed on maximizing long-term learning and returns
  • Enjoy working in high accountability, high responsibility environment
  • Want to work on something meaningful instead of just following the herd
  • Want to learn other facets of company building, even more so if you want to be an entrepreneur in future
  • You are satisfied with where you are in life and do not want to push to learn/grow further
  • You believe that the best products are built by following your instincts instead of listening to users
  • You are fundamentally risk-averse.
  • You like working in a structured environment or being explicitly told what to do at every step.
  • An opportunity to work on something that impacts the lives of millions of people on a daily basis
  • High autonomy; freedom to take risks, to experiment, and to fail
  • A set of team-mates who are passionate about their work, love collaborating, and are always approachable
  • A chance to stay personally engaged with your co-workers (even if everyone’s working from home) through employee initiatives like our highly active meme channel, book club, weekly crosswords, monthly game nights, and – when the pandemic allows it – outdoor competitive sports!

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