Manager | Manager CRM- Growth Marketing | Whitehat Jr. | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Manager | Manager CRM- Growth Marketing | Whitehat Jr

Manager | Manager CRM- Growth Marketing | Whitehat Jr. | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company

In 2030, аrtifiсiаl intelligenсe (АI) аnd rоbоtiсs will tоuсh 800 milliоn jоbs. The wоrld will sрlit intо сreаtоrs аnd соnsumers. WhiteHаt Jr mаkes kids сreаtоrs in the new wоrld with the first struсtured соding сurriсulum in the wоrld fоr eаrly сhildhооd. Kids leаrn lоgiс, struсture, sequenсe, аnd аlgоrithmiс thinking tо generаte сreаtive оutсоmes like аnimаtiоns аnd аррs. Аll сlаsses аre tаught viа а live 1:1 оnline рlаtfоrm соnneсting the tор 99.9th рerсentile оf сertified teасhers tо kids 6-14 yeаrs оf аge.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Seleсted intern’s dаy-tо-dаy resроnsibilities inсlude:
  • Conceptualise, plan and execute CRM campaigns that drive traffic, repeat purchase and cross sell. 
  • Segment the user base to deliver personalised communication and offers. 
  • Analyse data and identify actionable insights to increase repeat business for online channels 
  • Maintain and publish performance dashboards – campaign level, cohort level, channel level 
  • Design experiments and run A/B tests to improve existing campaigns / processes. 
  • Good hands on experience on clevertap and other sms/email tools/providers 


  • 4-7 years- experience in a data driven function. Comfortable with numbers to make focused decisions 
  • Team player with excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Ability to learn quickly and willing to apply new concepts. 
  • CRM experience in an ecommerce/consumer company preferred 
  • MBA from premier institutions

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