Jobs in Bosch

Jobs in Bosch | Oracle Senior Data Modeler | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs in Bengaluru 2022

Jobs in Bosch

Jobs in Bosch | Oracle Senior Data Modeler | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs in Bengaluru 2022

About Company | Jobs in Bosch | Oracle Senior Data Modeler

Rоbert Bоsсh Engineering аnd Business Sоlutiоns Рrivаte Limited is а 100% оwned subsidiаry оf Rоbert Bоsсh GmbH, оne оf the wоrld’s leаding glоbаl suррlier оf teсhnоlоgy аnd serviсes, оffering end-tо-end Engineering, IT аnd Business Sоlutiоns. With оver 18,000 аssосiаtes, it’s the lаrgest sоftwаre develорment сentre оf Bоsсh, оutside Germаny, indiсаting thаt it is the Teсhnоlоgy Роwerhоuse оf Bоsсh in Indiа with а glоbаl fооtрrint аnd рresenсe in the US, Eurорe аnd the Аsiа Расifiс regiоn.

Responsibilities | Oracle Senior Data Modeler | Bosch

  • Responsible for the designing and developing data models in the various layers of data lake
  • Build mappings from source (e.g. view) to target (e.g. table) objects
  • All changes to our data models are documented in our data modelling tool (PowerDesigner)
  • Support the onboarding of new data sources by getting an understanding of the business objects and facilitate data loading in an efficient way
  • Creation of complex Queries to retrieving data from database using joins, Sub Queries, Correlated Sub-queries and Hierarchical queries for data retrieval operations and converting into Views and materialized views based on business requirement.
  • Creation of database objects like table, indexes, views, Sequences, Synonyms and constraints.
  • Backend application programs to be developed. Application programs such as stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, cursors, collections and triggers and materialized views using SQL and PL/SQL with exception handling.
  • Develop Packages (Sql loader, Data pump and Import/Export utilities) each to import data to Oracle base tables from external files like csv, excel, Json and xml.
  • Develop Shell Scripts for invoking SQL scripts and scheduled in using jobs.
  • Performing Unit Testing and Performance Tuning for each program developed.

Quаlifiсаtiоns| Oracle Senior Data Modeler | Bosch

  • 8+ years of experience on Oracle Database programming
  • Strong expertise on RDBMS fundamentals and experience in Database Packages, Stored procedure, Functions , procedures, Triggers and data transformation activities using SQL and PLSQL (addition MSSQL nice to have)
  • Experience in modelling (mandatory)
  • Experience in implementing at least 2 end-to-end projects
  • Experience on dimensional modelling and Data warehousing concepts
  • Good knowledge in SQL loader, Data pump and Import/Export utilities
  • Knowledge on Performance Tuning for Oracle RDBMS
  • Experience in Data Vault 2.0 (nice to have)
  • Data Vault 2.0 Certification (Nice to have)
  • Good oral and written communication skill.
  • B.E/B.Tech/MCA.