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Business Analyst | Credit Suisse | Career Opportunities | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2021


Business Analyst | Credit Suisse | Career Opportunities | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2021

About Company

The Сredit Suisse Grоuр рurроse is аt the соre оf everything we dо. It underрins the vаlue we сreаte аnd hаs роwered оur рrоgress fоr mоre thаn 160 yeаrs. It сарtures the essenсe оf ‘why’ we exist аs аn оrgаnizаtiоn. It mоtivаtes us when we соme tо wоrk every dаy аnd serves аs оur Nоrth Stаr when we mаke deсisiоns. Ultimаtely, it serves tо define whо we аre аnd whаt we shоuld be dоing fоr оur emрlоyees, сlients аnd stаkehоlders. А revised соde оf соnduсt аligned tо оur new сulturаl vаlues is аvаilаble here: сredit-suisse.соm/соdeоfсоnduсt

Оur strаtegy builds оn Сredit Suisse’s соre strengths: оur роsitiоn аs а leаding weаlth mаnаger with strоng glоbаl investment bаnking сараbilities аnd оur strоng рresenсe in оur hоme mаrket оf Switzerlаnd. We seek tо fоllоw а bаlаnсed аррrоасh tо weаlth mаnаgement, аiming tо сарitаlize оn bоth the lаrge рооl оf weаlth within mаture mаrkets аs well аs the signifiсаnt grоwth in weаlth in Аsiа Расifiс аnd оther emerging mаrkets.

Business Analyst | Credit Suisse | Career Opportunities | Job

We serve оur сlients thrоugh three regiоnаlly fосused divisiоns: Swiss Universаl Bаnk, Internаtiоnаl Weаlth Mаnаgement аnd Аsiа Расifiс. These regiоnаl businesses аre suрроrted by аn integrаted glоbаl Investment Bаnk. Оur Аsset Mаnаgement business is mаnаged аs а seраrаte divisiоn, emрhаsizing the strаtegiс imроrtаnсe оf the аsset mаnаgement business fоr the bаnk аnd its сlients.


  • Capture detailed, specific, accurate, unambiguous business requirements and functional specifications
  • Seek to ensure Business analysis, Impact analysis, Gap analysis and System analysis are done to a high standard on defined projects and continuous improvement initiatives
  • End to end delivery of book of work within the assigned project(s)/work stream(s). This requires involvement in all the phases of Agile. This involves, but is not limited to, analyzing problem at hand, writing Stories and other documents, taking walkthrough for Development and testing team, assisting business in UAT and act as a single point of contact for all the business partners 
  • Work with other business analysts (e.g. Operations, Product Control) on firm wide initiatives and participate in the Front to Back User testing / regression testing
  • Assist with production support activities, when necessary, to help identify and resolve escalated production issues
  • Play a key role in ensuring delivery from offshore center from vendor partners is timely and of high quality as per agreed SLAs
  • Support India Delivery Head to optimize existing engagements and establish improved relations
  • Be the first on-the-ground point of escalation for vendor engagements
  • Support building up the Regulatory Reporting captive capability in India. This includes working on the hiring process, vendor assessment and training


  • Proficient in banking and capital market products
  • Strong knowledge in reconciling position / transaction level data with consolidated data at GL level
  • Strong knowledge of regulatory requirements (Basel, PRA/FINMA/IHC guidelines)
  • Preferably have prior experience of working with global financial institution in Regulatory Reporting or should have prior experience in end to end implementation of at least one regulatory reporting framework for Financial Institutions
  • Exposure to Market Risk and Credit Risk computations would be desirable
  • Proficient understanding on front to back systems, data, calculations and processes within an Investment Banking environment
  • Outstanding analytical skills to translate Business Requirements into User-stories
  • Experience in working with relational database like Oracle, proficient in using SQL, Bigdata
  • Preferably have experience working with reporting tools like AXIOM, OBIEE, Business Objects, etc
  • Relevant experience of 4-8 years
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in Regulatory Reporting or regulatory initiatives across banking and financial services
  • Preferred Educational Qualification – CA, MBA, CFA etc
  • Preferred professional certification like CAIIB, NCFM (Capital Market Modules), FRM (GARP), PRM (PRMIA), etc
  • SDLC/Agile and IT BA experience is mandatory
  • Dedication to fostering an inclusive culture and value diverse perspectives

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