Tata Imagination Challenge

The Tata Imagination Challenge 2022 is India’s largest ideation competition, held by the Tata Group for college students from across India

Tata employees from anywhere in the world (in-house track) to share their ideas that can make a difference. Under this challenge, undergraduate / postgraduate students and permanent employees of any Tata company can share their ideas while keeping the Tata ethos in mind

Technology, sustainability, sciences, economics, social change, design, arts, global, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and other disciplines are all welcome

A total of 13 winners (10 from the student track and 3 from the in-house track) will receive exciting prizes, including a cash prize of INR 2 lakh, and will be given priority entry into TAS selection

Tata Group is an Indian public multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, that manufactures automobiles, aeroplanes, and other products.

Jamshedji Tata founded the company in 1868, and it gained international recognition after purchasing several global companie

It is one of India’s largest and oldest industrial conglomerates.