DPIIT Internship 2022


Applicants pursuing Graduation / Post Graduation / Research in following domain are eligible to apply:

Engineering Management Law Economic Finance Computer Library Management


Candidates from other domains can also be considered based on requirements on case to case basi


Minimum 1 month Maximum 3 Months


10000 Rs

No. of Vacancies


Procedure for Selection

All the applications received through online mode in the Department will be compiled at one place in the Establishment Division

Sections / divisions will send their requirement of " Interns " to Establishment Division with the approval of concerned Bureau Head

Procedure for Selection

On receipt of a request from Division / Section for intern / s belonging to a particular discipline , the details of the available applications of that discipline will be provided to the concerned Division

Procedure for Selection

The Bureau Head will select intern ( s ) based on their requirement and inform the same to Estt . G Section . Thereafter , Estt . G Section will obtain approval of DS ( Estt ) and send the offer letter to selected Intern

Procedure for Selection

Processing of payment towards stipend amount will be initiated by Estt . G Section after completion of internship period . A certificate on the effect that assigned work has been successfully completed by intern is required to be submitted by the interns concerned . The said certificate will be issued by section concerned in which interns worked