Google Is hiring IT Support Engineer

Minimum  qualifications

Diploma or equivalent practical experience.

Experience troubleshooting in a Linux, Mac OS, or Windows networked environment, supporting desktops/laptops, phone

Minimum  qualifications

Systems, video conference, and/or various wireless devices.

Experience in a customer service, client-facing, and/or help desk role.

Preferred qualification

Completion of a relevant technical certification 

Bachelor's degree in a relevant STEM field


Provide support across all channels, including chat, email, phone, video, in-person, etc. 

 Assist Googlers with resolving software, hardware, and networking issues.


 Troubleshoot across Google’s corporate IT resources, applications, and various operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, and mobile platforms.


Collaborate and share knowledge across the team and other Googlers. Contribute to various initiatives, including process improvement and documentation efforts to enhance the user experience