Google Is hiring Interns


Pre-Doctoral Researcher, University Graduate (Fixed-Term Contract)

Minimum  qualifications

– Bachelor's degree in a STEM field such as Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics, or equivalent practical experience. – Experience with Python, C/C++, or Java

Minimum  qualifications

Research experience in machine learning or AI techniques (e.g. open source project(s), campus lab experience, research internship(s), or publication(s)

– Ability to work and collaborate across multiple team

Preferred qualification

About the job

The Pre-Doctoral Researcher role is a 24-month role designed to give you experience working on challenging problems together with research scientists and engineers in Bangalore before pursuing (or making a decision on pursuing) doctoral research.


– Work with research mentors to formulate research projects and/or novel applications of machine learning. – Conduct research and publish it.


– Learn and understand a large body of research in machine learning algorithms. – Understand how to use research to drive design decisions.


– Implement algorithms, experiments and/or human-computer interfaces using frameworks such as TensorFlow.