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Trust & Safety Jobs Abuse Analyst | Linkedin Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022


Trust & Safety Jobs Abuse Analyst | Linkedin Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company

LinkedIn is the wоrld’s lаrgest рrоfessiоnаl netwоrk, built tо helр members оf аll bасkgrоunds аnd exрerienсes асhieve mоre in their саreers. Оur visiоn is tо сreаte eсоnоmiс орроrtunity fоr every member оf the glоbаl wоrkfоrсe. Every dаy оur members use оur рrоduсts tо mаke соnneсtiоns, disсоver орроrtunities, build skills аnd gаin insights. We believe аmаzing things hаррen when we wоrk tоgether in аn envirоnment where everyоne feels а true sense оf belоnging, аnd thаt whаt mаtters mоst in а саndidаte is hаving the skills needed tо suссeed. It insрires us tо invest in оur tаlent аnd suрроrt саreer grоwth. Jоin us tо сhаllenge yоurself with wоrk thаt mаtters.

Job Description | Linkedin Recruitment 2022

We’re searching for a Trust & Safety Jobs Abuse Analyst to analyse and investigate job postings to verify that there are no fraudulent or scam jobs, as well as no jobs with damaging content for our users. This job necessitates the reporting and resolution of conflicts, as well as the reduction of risk and loss. The person in this job is expected to respond to questions in a timely and accurate manner. The Trust & Safety team is responsible for keeping LinkedIn professional for our more than 650 million members across the world.

Our employees are proactive, driven, organised, and have a global perspective, as well as the ability to work well in a team setting. The analysts are directly accountable for keeping the platform safer, preserving our brand, and protecting free expression. You’ll work with engineering, policy, and data analysts, and you’ll be tasked with defining and implementing operational solutions to emerging challenges. You will also execute other important Analyst tasks, including as promoting changes in the team’s processes, technology, and tools.

Roles and Responsibilities | Linkedin Recruitment 2022

  • Review, identify & resolve fraud, non-compliant Jobs on Linkedin 
  • Proactively & effectively identify problems and issues by performing relevant research using the appropriate tools and deep dive investigations
  • Communicate analytical insights to key fraud stakeholders
  • Drive process improvements
  • Work with internal teams to come up with action plans to address corrective and preventative measures to mitigate risk 
  • Report and reconciliation of disputes
  • Capable of learning and sharing knowledge in a global team environment
  • Able to manage internal or external escalations
  • Work closely with relevant stakeholders regarding necessary changes and updates; including but not limited to policies, product upgrades, and member issues
  • Analyze reports, identify trends to the appropriate stakeholders
  • Regularly mentor and provide guidance to team members and gauge their performances

Eligibility | Linkedin Recruitment 2022

  • Bаsiс Quаlifiсаtiоns | Linkedin Recruitment 2021
    • 2 years + experience with Jobs Review, Fraud Investigations, Cyber-crime or Anti-Abuse Operations
    • Bachelor’s Degree 
  • Рreferred Quаlifiсаtiоns
    • Experience of fraud trends in Digital Marketing
    • 1+ year of relevant experience in data analysis, Investigation deep dives
    • Demonstrate capacity for critical thinking and analysis
    • Superior attention to detail
    • Must be comfortable working in cross-functional teams
    • Contributes to project improvement ideas
    • Proactively raises issues/alarms to manager or stakeholders
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Good organizational skills including prioritizing, scheduling, time management, and meeting deadlines
    • Ability to work flexibly and to exercise good judgement in a high pressure environment
    • Experience with SQL, Excel

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