Teaching Internship | Khan Academy India | Internship | Students | Alert | Latest Internship 2022

Teaching Internship | Khan Academy India | Internship | Students | Alert | Latest Internship 2022

Teaching Internship | Khan Academy India | Students | Alert | Latest Internship 2022

About Khan Academy India

Khan Academy is a fast-growing charity with the goal of providing free, world-class education to anybody, anywhere. Every month, we contact millions of students and are rapidly expanding. We’re putting up a library of world-class educational and practise materials to help students succeed. We want to provide children with the resources to recognise that they can learn anything, whether they’re studying matrices, mitosis, or multivariable calculus.

Khan Academy India aspires to provide a world-class user experience that is tailored to the needs of Indian learners, and is supported by a strong on-the-ground personnel and operations. Our learning system is mastery-based, allowing students to master essential concepts at their own pace before moving on to more difficult material.

We’ve grown from serving less than 500,000 learners in 2016 to nearly 4 million learners each month across our websites, apps, and YouTube channels. These students include both self-directed learners who access us from home and teacher-directed students in schools. By making our curriculum available in local languages and collaborating with huge public education systems, we want to reach the underprivileged. Khan Academy is offered in Hindi, Hinglish, and Kannada, among other languages.

Job Description

Khan Academy is performing an efficacy project with 150 teachers who are a part of our focus group. One of the project’s main goals is to document teachers’ experiences with the Khan Academy platform while teaching their pupils. Interviews with these professors will be conducted by members of the Khan Academy India staff. We’re seeking for an intern to help us transcribe teacher interviews from recordings and create case studies based on those conversations. The opportunity will run from March 7th through April 10th, and will need 5 to 10 hours per week.


  • Receive a stipend of 15,000 INR for the duration of your internship
  • Flexibility to work at your own schedules while you deliver within the specific timelines
  • An opportunity to learn about the benefits and challenges of using technology in educationfrom the perspective of teachers.


  • Someone who is passionate about understanding teacher experiences
  • Someone who has a solid comprehension of Hindi (knowing Punjabi would be a plus!)
  • Excellent at writing and composing case studies in English that cater to all kinds ofaudience
  • Excited about receiving feedback and revising drafts in a short turnaround time
  • Highly reliable with timelines

How to Apply

  • Please send the following to [email protected]
    • Your resume
    • In 2-3 sentences, let us know why this opportunity interests you.
    • 250-500 word writing sample on ‘The benefits of technology adaptation forteachers’
  • If we believe that your application is a good fit for this opportunity, we will reach out to youon phone for a short call.

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