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Sr. Biz Manager | Amazon Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Manager | Amazon Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Sr. Biz Manager | Amazon Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

About Company

“Mаny оf the рrоblems we fасe hаve nо textbооk sоlutiоn, аnd sо we-hаррily-invent new оnes.” – Jeff Bezоs

Аmаzоn.соm – а рlасe where builders саn build. We hire the wоrld’s brightest minds аnd оffer them аn envirоnment in whiсh they саn invent аnd innоvаte tо imрrоve the exрerienсe fоr оur сustоmers. А Fоrtune 100 соmраny bаsed in Seаttle, Wаshingtоn, Аmаzоn is the glоbаl leаder in e-соmmerсe. Аmаzоn оffers everything frоm bооks аnd eleсtrоniсs tо арраrel аnd diаmоnd jewelry.

We орerаte sites in Аustrаliа, Brаzil, Саnаdа, Сhinа, Frаnсe, Germаny, Indiа, Itаly, Jараn, Mexiсо, Netherlаnds, Sраin, United Kingdоm аnd United Stаtes, аnd mаintаin dоzens оf fulfillment сenters аrоund the wоrld whiсh enсоmраss mоre thаn 26 milliоn squаre feet.

Teсhnоlоgiсаl innоvаtiоn drives the grоwth оf Аmаzоn, оffering оur сustоmers mоre seleсtiоn, соnvenient shоррing, аnd lоw рriсes. Аmаzоn Web Serviсes рrоvides develорers аnd smаll tо lаrge businesses ассess tо the hоrizоntаlly sсаlаble stаte оf the аrt сlоud infrаstruсture like S3, EС2, АMI, СlоudFrоnt аnd SimрleDB, thаt роwers Аmаzоn.соm. Develорers саn build аny tyрe оf business оn Аmаzоn Web Serviсes аnd sсаle their аррliсаtiоn with grоwing business needs.

We wаnt yоu tо helр shаre аnd shарe оur missiоn tо be Eаrth’s mоst сustоmer-сentriс соmраny. Аmаzоn’s evоlutiоn frоm Web site tо e-соmmerсe раrtner tо develорment рlаtfоrm is driven by the sрirit оf inventiоn thаt is раrt оf оur DNА. We dо this every dаy by inventing elegаnt аnd simрle sоlutiоns tо соmрlex teсhniсаl аnd business рrоblems. We’re mаking histоry аnd the gооd news is thаt we’ve оnly just begun.

Ad Programmer Job Description

Amazon is investing heavily in building a world class advertising business and we are responsible for defining and delivering a collection of self-service performance advertising products that drive discovery and sales. Our products are strategically important to our Retail and Marketplace businesses driving long term growth. We deliver billions of ad impressions and millions of clicks daily and are breaking fresh ground to create world-class products. We are highly motivated, collaborative and fun-loving with an entrepreneurial spirit and bias for action.

With a broad mandate to experiment and innovate, we are growing at an unprecedented rate with a seemingly endless range of new opportunities.

You will be responsible in building an Operations team of approximately 25 – 30 Ad reviewers and SME/Leads supporting Ad Programs. You will need to work directly with the stakeholders to ensure the overall health of the processes is good.

Duties will include ensuring that standards for productivity and quality assurance are met by your team, taking part in planning, organizing and directing the work of subordinates or others, outline procedures and instructions on work received, make time estimates on new jobs received, ensuring utilization of team is high, mentor and train new/existing team members. You will be instrumental in setting up ad relevance – human judgements organization for the search team of Amazon


  • Setting up of a team of search relevance team with regular interaction with the stakeholder 
  • Should be able to set up and control remote teams ( Non-English team from Delhi) 
  • High on Stakeholder management. 
  • Quick in analyzing large set of data and interpreting insights 
  • Contribute inputs towards increasing amazon search relevance by effective process queue management as well as ensuring people and performance metrics 
  • Set the vision, direction, and culture of the team by managing individual and team performance expectations and goals. 
  • People management i.e. appraisal, training and mentoring talent to grow within the organization & control attrition 
  • Ensures employees growth & development, set priority, drive motivation & engagement for employees 
  • Monitor real time service levels and schedule adherence 
  • Serve as a point of contact for escalated contact resolution of a supervisory nature or complex problems 
  • Manage and drive staffing plans, cost analysis, schedules, quality initiatives, process change initiatives, projects and other Change/Kaizen initiatives as required 
  • Responsible for productivity and quality of the team – provide individual coaching feedback sessions, and have weekly one-on-ones with team members to improve performance and quality 
  • Active participation in building the team & raising the bar in hiring process 
  • Work closely with stakeholders for each business to ensure that their expectations are being met & surpassed 
  • Work closely with the engineering teams to ensure that tools and systems are continuously enhance 
  • Bring in thought process while setting new SOPS and reporting mechanisms and set them up with high efficiency 
  • Should roll up sleeves and work with data at ease


  • Post Graduate degree in any discipline 
  • 4 plus years’ experience with Seller/ Customer service required 
  • 24/7 availability, including willingness to work on weekends, and outside of the “standard” work day 
  • Applicant needs to be in a direct People Management role at least for 6 months+ 
  • Prior experience in managing a team of at least 10 
  • Significant email and online seller/customer service experience preferred 
  • Demonstrated ability to build, develop , direct and manage a group 
  • Ability to handle complex and ambiguous scenarios 
  • Ability to organize , prioritize and schedule work assignments 
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently complete difficult goals or assignments 
  • Willingness to work with sensitive issues, including but not limited to: – Adult content
  • Religious and philosophically sensitive issues
  • Alcohol, tobacco, weapons and other potentially offensive products
  • Confident in using Microsoft Package (especially Excel) 
  • Confident to work with large volumes of data
  • Experience in Ecommerce industry 
  • Google Ad word certification 
  • Statistics background 
  • Experience in ad relevance 
  • Experience in ad quality

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