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Software Engineer | Global Market Division | Goldman Sachs | Careers | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company

Аt Gоldmаn Sасhs, we соmmit оur рeорle, сарitаl аnd ideаs tо helр оur сlients, shаrehоlders аnd the соmmunities we serve tо grоw. Fоunded in 1869, we аre а leаding glоbаl adventure bаnking, seсurities аnd theory mаnаgement firm. Heаdquаrtered in New Yоrk, we mаintаin оffiсes аrоund the wоrld.

Job Description

Our Global Market Division employees assist institutional clients, such as fund managers, financial service providers, and major enterprises, in purchasing and selling financial products on exchanges all over the world. Our expertise provide insights and tactics that assist clients achieve their objectives, from formulating trading strategies to final clearing and execution of transactions.

The position will be part of the Trading Team for Equity Synthetic Products. The team’s main goal is to expand our client franchise options for synthetic products such stock swaps, as well as to improve the firm’s equity inventory and funding management. The SPG trading team will collaborate closely with sales to meet clients’ trading needs, take and execute orders, and pursue trading opportunities.

Engineers at Goldman Sachs are problem solvers and innovators who create solutions in risk management, big data, mobile, and other areas. We’re looking for innovative collaborators who can change with the times and thrive in a fast-paced global environment.


  • 3-7 years of technology experience in a commercial environment
  • Solid object oriented design and programming skills (C++, Java, or other OO technology)
  • Solid analytical and problem solving skills with appreciation of technical risk
  • Interests in financial markets knowledge and aptitude to learn
  • Experience building state management systems, complex event processing and transaction sequencing architectures
  • JVM internals, tuning for low-latency, GC-free real-time operation
  • Prior experience with event sourcing (sequenced core stream) based architecture
  • Linux systems programming experience including memory management, concurrent programming infrastructure, and the networking stack
  • Interpersonal Skills

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