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Recruitment at General Mills

RCA Technical Owner | GE Renewable Energy | Career Opportunities | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2021

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We exist tо mаke fооd the wоrld lоves. But we dо mоre thаn thаt. Оur соmраny is а рlасe thаt рriоritizes being а fоrсe fоr gооd, а рlасe tо exраnd leаrning, exрlоre new рersрeсtives аnd reimаgine new роssibilities, every dаy. We lооk fоr рeорle whо wаnt tо bring their best — bоld thinkers with big heаrts whо сhаllenge оne оther аnd grоw tоgether. Beсаuse beсоming the undisрuted leаder in fооd meаns surrоunding оurselves with рeорle whо аre hungry fоr whаt’s next.

Indiа is аmоng the tор ten рriоrity mаrkets fоr Generаl Mills, аnd hоsts оur Glоbаl Shаred Serviсes Сentre. This is the Glоbаl Shаred Serviсes аrm оf Generаl Mills Inс., whiсh suрроrts its орerаtiоns wоrldwide. With оver 1,300 emрlоyees in Mumbаi, the сenter hаs сараbilities in the аreаs оf Suррly Сhаin, Finаnсe, HR, Digitаl аnd Teсhnоlоgy, Sаles Сараbilities, Соnsumer Insights, ITQ (R&D & Quаlity), аnd Enterрrise Business Serviсes. Leаrning аnd сарасity-building is а key ingredient оf оur suссess.



Job Descriptions | Recruitment at General Mills

in The RCA Technical Owner is in charge of leading all technical workstreams on one or more RCA projects in the Onshore Wind Land Constrained segment. On the overall execution of the RCA, they will collaborate with the RCA PM. The technical owner will primarily lead RCAs in their areas of competence, but they may also be called upon to lead RCAs in other areas of expertise. To prevent low quality expenses, the applicant will own, execute, and resolve these workstreams, focusing on quality and speed to validate corrective measures, new unit containment, and fleet containment.

Responsibilities | Recruitment at General Mills

  • Owns all technical workstreams (e.g. data acquisition, mechanical/FEM, test and validation, inspection, certification) with support from the engineering team on their execution
  • Partner with the RCA PM to develop a Smartsheet action plan to include all in scope tasks throughout the 8D process of the RCA
  • Identifies the skill sets for the technical scope of the RCA
  • Lead and report out on all technical workstream meetings
  • Lead technical discussions for the business and customers on the RCAs
  • Responsible for issuing/updating technical documents and leading relevant key processes within the RCA evolution
  • Partner with the RCA PM to resource the RCA and develop budget and cost impact evaluation
  • Partner with the LC Quality Manager to ensure a methodic problem-solving process is applied using best practice problem-solving tools
  • Support SAFER cases related to RCAs
  • Build strong cross-functional engagement with ONW Quality, FRO, Supplier Quality & Segment Engineering teams to optimize and prioritize RCA work streams
  • Support the LC Quality Engineering Leader to drive actions from the RCA Kaizen to drive improved and faster RCA resolution.
  • Maintain thorough and well-organized documentation of the RCA
  • Partners with Sourcing on vendor recovery of supplier-caused defects
  • Interface with the FRO team for RCA Support, Top Issues execution, track & trend issues handoff to RCAs, and review boards

Eligibility | Recruitment at General Mills

  • Masters Degree or above from an accredited university or college
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in Wind business.
  • Experience in Tower and/or Nacelle is a must.
  • Strong background in wind turbine technology with proven experience in mechanical engineering (structural bolted connections, castings, fracture mechanics, Finite Element Analysis).
  • Strong knowledge on Tower and/or Nacelle. Knowledge on tower internals is also appreciated.
  • Strong team management experience (either direct report or indirect reports)
  • Influential leadership experience with credibility, the ability to partner, energize and focus teams to deliver on priorities
  • Experience with customer communications, particularly with product quality topics like RCAs
  • Strategic thinker – able to navigate complexity, develop clear actions, and drive impact
  • Able to think outside of the box to bring creative, sustainable solutions to complicated problems
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-cultural environment with cross-functional teams

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