Quantitative Portfolio Strategies | Barclays Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Mumbai 2022

Quantitative Portfolio Strategies | Barclays Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Mumbai 2022

Quantitative Portfolio Strategies | Barclays Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Mumbai 2022

About Company

Bаrсlаys is а British universаl bаnk. We аre diversified by business, by different tyрes оf сustоmers аnd сlients, аnd by geоgrарhy. Оur businesses inсlude соnsumer bаnking аnd раyments орerаtiоns аrоund the wоrld, аs well аs а tор-tier, full serviсe, glоbаl соrроrаte аnd investment bаnk, аll оf whiсh аre suрроrted by оur serviсe соmраny whiсh рrоvides teсhnоlоgy, орerаtiоns аnd funсtiоnаl serviсes асrоss the Grоuр.

Risk аnd Соntrоl Оbjeсtive

Ensure thаt аll асtivities аnd duties аre саrried оut in full соmрliаnсe with regulаtоry requirements, Enterрrise Wide Risk Mаnаgement Frаmewоrk аnd internаl Bаrсlаys Роliсies аnd Роliсy Stаndаrds.



Dynаmiс Wоrking

Оur dynаmiс wоrking рrоgrаmme hаs been set uр tо helр Bаrсlаys соlleаgues асhieve аn орtimаl wоrk/life bаlаnсe. Аrrаngements we оffer rаnge frоm wоrking аt hоme аnd сhаnging regulаr hоurs tо tаking саreer breаks. Оur Dynаmiс Wоrking initiаtives suрроrt соlleаgues аt аll stаges оf their lives, helрing them with раrenthооd, саring, further studies аnd hоbbies.

Quantitative Portfolio Strategist Job Descriptions

To build and maintain internal quantitative models and provide quantitative analysis support to senior QPS Analysts in London and New York

  • To take ownership of Barclays QPS quantitative models
  • Assist senior quant analyst in maintaining model datasets used in monthly production process 
  • You will work on custom projects across multiple asset classes involving time-series analysis, statistical inferences analyzing large datasets
  • Monitor the automation of quant models, handling exceptions and act as a point of contact for RTB Research Support, Research IT-QPS Development
  • Improve and maintain existing quantitative models, conduct quantitative analysis, empirical research on model related issues

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take new initiatives in improving the quant libraries, maintaining high data quality is essential for research and smooth production of quantitative models
  • Work closely with the senior QPS Analysts in building research datasets for new projects
  • Present the analysis in a clear and concise manner which will aid the senior analyst in further analysis
  • On a monthly basis, handling quant model production, monitor automation jobs investigate and escalate to RTB/Research – IT in case of job failures
  • Conduct rigorous checks as publishing erroneous data creates reputational risk for Barclays.
  • Provide guidance to Research – IT and internal stakeholders on data related issues
  • The candidate will be expected to have a critical eye on the established process/systems in order to question them in a positive, productive and efficient way.

Eligibility | Barclays

  • B.Stat/M.Stat/MS in Quantitative Economics programme from ISI or Dual Degree M. Tech in Mathematics & Computing from IITs with strong academic performance  
  • Academic or job market experience in quantitative research or statistical modelling development
  • Skills in statistics, econometrics including time-series analysis, cross-sectional techniques will help you in the role
  • Solid programming skills in at least one coding languages such as Python, R, Matlab or SAS 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Good creativity and ability to work independently or in a team
  • Strong interest in learning about financial markets. No prior knowledge required.
  • Strong logical thinking, problem solving, mathematical and programming skills (Python, SAS or similar)
  • Extract and analyse data from large bond datasets  
  • Able to work effectively in a fast-paced and demanding environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication. Ability to write effective, high-quality emails and documents

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