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Quality Audit Manager | Amazon Careers | Job Alert | Latest Job Opportunity in 2021


Quality Audit Manager | Amazon Careers | Job Alert | Latest Job Opportunity in 2021

About Company

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Job Description | Amazon Recruitment 2021

A successful quality manager will be a strong process leader with experience creating and enhancing quality procedures as well as leading effective teams that deliver on time. He or she should be customer-focused, quality-obsessed, and have a track record of collaborating well across functional organisations. He or she must have a strong backbone, hands-on conflict management expertise, and the capacity to cooperate and implement improvements based on data.

Quality Audit Manager | Amazon Careers | Job

Roles and Responsibilities | Amazon Recruitment 2021

  • High on Stakeholder management.
  • Quick in analyzing large set of data and interpreting insights
  • Contribute inputs towards increasing amazon search relevance by effective process queue management as well as ensuring people and performance metrics
  • Set the vision, direction, and culture of the team by managing individual and team performance expectations and goals.
  • People management i.e. appraisal, training and mentoring talent to grow within the organization & control attrition
  • Ensures employees growth & development, set priority, drive motivation & engagement for employees
  • Monitor real time service levels and schedule adherence
  • Serve as a point of contact for escalated contact resolution of a supervisory nature or complex problems
  • Active participation in building the team & raising the bar in hiring process
  • Manage and drive staffing plans, cost analysis, schedules, quality initiatives, process change initiatives, projects and other Change/Kaizen initiatives as required
  • Responsible for productivity and quality of the team – provide individual coaching feedback sessions, and have weekly one-on-ones with team members to improve performance and quality
  • Work closely with stakeholders for each business to ensure that their expectations are being met & surpassed
  • Work closely with the engineering teams to ensure that tools and systems are continuously enhance
  • Bring in thought process while setting new SOPS and reporting mechanisms and set them up with high efficiency
  • Should roll up sleeves and work with data at ease

Eligibility | Amazon Recruitment 2021

  • Bаsiс Quаlifiсаtiоns
    • Experience in Quality /Six Sigma/Lean/Kaizen/Or any relevant quality management skill
    • 4 plus years’ experience with Seller/Customer service
    • Candidate shall be flexible to work in US timezone.
    • Applicant needs to be in a direct People Management role at least for 6 months+
    • Prior experience in managing a team of at least 10
    • Significant email and online seller/customer service experience preferred
    • Demonstrated ability to build, develop , direct and manage a group
    • Ability to handle complex and ambiguous scenarios
    • Ability to organize , prioritize and schedule work assignments
    • Ability to effectively and efficiently complete difficult goals or assignments
    • Willingness to work with sensitive issues, including but not limited to:
    • Adult content
    • Religious and philosophically sensitive issues
    • Alcohol, tobacco, weapons and other potentially offensive products
    • Confident in using Microsoft Package (especially Excel)
    • Confident to work with large volumes of data
    • Expertise in basic quality tools
    • Perform root cause analysis on defects and craft preventive solutions
  • Рreferred Quаlifiсаtiоns
    • Green/Black Six Sigma certification
    • Experience in Ecommerce industry
    • Google Ad word certification
    • Statistics background
    • Experience in ad relevance
    • Experience in ad quality
    • MBA from reputed university

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