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Project Manager | HSBC Bank | Career | Job Alert | Latest Job Update Career Height 2022

Project Manager | HSBC Bank | Career | Job Alert | Latest Job Update Career Height 2022

Project Manager | HSBC Bank | Career | Job Alert | Latest Job Update Career Height 2022

About Company

HSBC Bank are a finаnсiаl serviсes оrgаnisаtiоn thаt serves mоre thаn 40 milliоn сustоmers, rаnging frоm individuаl sаvers аnd investоrs tо sоme оf the wоrld’s biggest соmраnies аnd gоvernments. HSBC Bank’s netwоrk соvers 64 соuntries аnd territоries, аnd we’re here tо use оur unique exрertise, сараbilities, breаdth аnd рersрeсtives tо орen uр а wоrld оf орроrtunity fоr оur сustоmers.

Project Manager Job Description

The IT Cost Management team’s main goal is to oversee all third-party IT spend for HOST Technology (c$3 billion), as well as manage and improve the Cost Management systems. Working with the GBGF IT CIOs, COOs, and supporting teams to optimise IT’s use of third-party hardware, software, resources, and related IT services (including non-permanent workforce) to maximise value and cost savings for HSBC will be part of this function.

At the GCB4 level, IT Cost & Contracts Managers will play a critical role in overseeing Cost Management processes across numerous IT business areas, ensuring consistent and adequate governance and controls that result in effective expenditure sanctioning. This would include extensive involvement in cost submissions, working with business managers, procurement, and COOs to ensure that HSBC gets the best commercial deal possible while also demonstrating the cost-cutting efforts done.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for managing the contract lifecycle from an IT standpoint for a number of specific contracts, including evaluating contract renewals ahead of time, challenging demand / requirements, and collaborating with technical teams and procurement to get the best commercial deal possible. Maintaining the IT contracts calendar for the relevant IT teams, including proper articulation of the financial P&L profiles, ownership of renewal trigger points, and driving subsequent actions, will be critical. Additionally, each area will be given assistance in working toward a complete zero-based budgeting method.

Candidates must be commercially knowledgeable and have experience in Cost or Commercial Management. They will be in charge of developing and maintaining a robust governance approach for monitoring, reviewing, and proactively driving cost reduction across technology.


  • Driving sustainable growth. Develop the IT sub-function responsibly, engaging with colleagues across the function including peer Senior Managers and typically 2 levels up the organisation reviewing and driving the sub-function strategy feeding into the overall IT strategy. Leads and facilitates change through effective communication, preparation and implementation with peers across HSBC. Strong impact to support risk and regulation. Lead global joint commerical projects.
  • Achieving excellence. Focuses on medium and long term goals even when under pressure or facing uncertainty. Manages expectations, results and impact of agreed outcomes, thinking ahead to identify and overcome potential issues, benefiting from a good network of Senior Managers to collectively identify and mitigate risk.
  • Contracts Management – accountable for ensuring that contracts are renewed in a timely manner including approval via cost management processes and sign-offs / stakeholder management
  • Management Information – support creation of MI against contract database and third party spend
  • Encourages and seeks input from peers to develop more effective and sustainable business outcomes.
  • Cost Reduction achievements measured monthly
  • Third Party Spend measured against AOP Actuals
  • Contract Management MI produced monthly
  • 30, 60, 90 day contract renewal planning
  • Weekly Cost Management submissions
  • The role holder will work collaboratively with Senior Managers from other areas in IT to ensure stakeholder and customers’ requirements are met.
  • Customer/Stakeholder focus. Lead a customer-centred culture, championing activities encouraging outstanding customer advocacy. Proactively seek opportunities to improve business operation in collaboration within assigned function area and Procurement amongst others.
  • Strengthening stakeholder relationships. Build trusting relationships to influence decisions and ensure stakeholder advocacy, using organisational knowledge aligned to business goals and strategies.
  • Deliver fair outcomes for our customers and ensure own conduct maintains the orderly and transparent operation of financial markets.       
  • Promote the most appropriate sustainable solution even if there are short term additional costs.
  • Effectively engages customers, colleagues and stakeholders to build a trust-based relationship and deliver a connected service.
  • Adhere to vendor relationship management policies and procedures.
  • Measure value-added insight to stakeholders.
  • Handles disagreement or objections with stakeholders constructively and confidently.
  • Work with team and senior managers to deliver IT contract management and commercial awareness solutions and support to technology teams.
  • Managing and leading. Gathers all relevant information from a wide range of resources and MI to clarify the issue at hand and to better inform the decision making process. Establishes methods and criteria to observe progress and achieve excellence in all aspects of delivery to meet our customers’ requirements. Establishes effective relationships across the business structure/matrix to ensure better engagement and better quality and effectiveness of deployment. Ensure succession planning in place to maintain technical capability of team.
  • Collaboration. Builds rapport and mutual understanding to communicate and create opportunities for cross-business and/or international working, encouraging debate and open discussion. Encourages people to build sustainable relationships beyond transactional levels and use empathy and insight to build better understanding of mutual benefits.
  • Coaching. Use expertise to develop both high and poor performers and share knowledge by coaching and sponsoring training solutions where appropriate. Analyses patterns and identifies key areas for improvement, specifically towards junior members of the team.
  • Responds quickly to changing demands and priorities; takes independent action and ensures changes are implemented effectively.
  • Sets standards for excellence; defines and agrees upon performance goals and SMART objectives for accountable area of business.
  • Translates the strategy and vision into clear objectives for teams and individuals and effectively adapts their own communication style to optimise effectiveness of engagement
  • Creates and promotes opportunities for networking.
  • Demonstrates self-awareness of own strengths and weaknesses, seeking feedback and taking responsibility for their own development.
  • Develops, documents and applies coaching plans.
  • Demonstrate high standard of professionalism and acts as good role model, promoting HSBCs values and behaviours.
  • Operational Effectiveness & Control
  • Work with team and senior managers working with technical teams, procurement and suppliers in advance of renewals and required purchases to optimise volumes, challenge requirements and achieve best price for the organisation.
  • Managing risk responsibly. Sustain a risk aware culture. Promotes and manages relevant monitoring and reporting requirements within their team. Embeds efficient risk, compliance processes and procedures (FIMs, GSMs etc.) and external regulatory requirements, including the management of Operational Risk and adherence to the Group’s standards of ethical behaviour.
  • Business case & benefits realisation. Defines and articulates to stakeholders the targeted benefits for a change intervention. Demonstrates effective financial skills to develop a detailed business case, including investments, detailed benefits (financial, non-financial and strategic) and link to overall finances of the business


  • Typically educated to undergraduate degree level.
  • Experience and proven track record in vendor, cost and commercial management including cost reduction / optimisation programmes
  • Expert knowledge on IT Infrastructure technical platforms / technologies, execution of IT vendor management policies
  • Good understanding of the IT global delivery model and future roadmap
  • Strong leadership and management skills together with the ability to motivate staff from a variety of backgrounds
  • Ability to work in a multi geography, culturally diverse and time-zone separated management role
  • Good communications skills and ability to motivate and communicate at all levels of the organization
  • Analytical with the ability to understand and resolve problems

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