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Engineer | Microsoft | Principal Software Engineering Manager | Career Opportunities | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Noida 2022

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Оver the раst 10+ yeаrs, the Аzure Dаtа Grоuр (DG) in Сlоud аnd Enterрrise divisiоn hаs grоwn frоm 40-milliоn-dоllаr business tо 7+ billiоn-dоllаr business аnd is оne оf the key revenue generаtоrs аt Miсrоsоft. The usаge sраns frоm develорers, SMBs tо huge enterрrises tаking missiоn-сritiсаl deрendenсies оn оur рlаtfоrm fоr а rаnge оf wоrklоаds frоm suрer-fаst ОLTР wоrklоаds & аdvаnсed dаtа wаrehоuse tо аnаlytiсs, seаrсh, аnd nоn-relаtiоnаl орtiоns. Wоrking with the full rаnge оf сustоmers аnd рrоduсts, Dаtа Migrаtiоn teаm’s fосus is tо enаble сustоmers tо migrаte tо the mоdern dаtа рlаtfоrm.

Аzure dаtаbаse serviсes fоr MySQL, РоstgreSQL аnd MаriаDB (Орen Sоurсe DBs) аre fully mаnаged dаtаbаse serviсes thаt рrоvide develорers the сhоiсe tо use their fаvоrite орen- sоurсe dаtаbаse engine оn Аzure. We build reliаble, highly sсаlаble, аnd highly рerfоrming distributed systems fоr dаtа рrосessing needs оn Аzure.

Job Description | Jobs in Microsoft

Azure Data/SQL is assembling a team of skilled engineers to help define, design, and create the next generation of cutting-edge database technologies to power the next wave of cloud-native modern applications. You will head a section of this team, collaborate directly with our database experts, and solve difficult problems to modernise SQL Server Engine as an engineering manager. Customers across SQL platforms will be impacted, from SQL Edge on IoT devices to SQL Server and Azure SQL DB in the cloud. Our goal is to build the best-in-class operational database that works with Azure Services and powers the next generation of apps.

You will be one of the initial members of the team, helping to grow and shape the team, vision, and engineering culture. You’ll be given a mission to complete with your team, and you’ll be asked to provide both team and technical leadership. You’ll be working with technology on a daily basis and will be heavily involved in design and technical decision-making. In our business, engineering managers actively seek out chances to be involved on a technical level while balancing manager responsibilities.

Responsibilities | Jobs in Microsoft

  • Enhancing Azure SQL DB/SQL Server’s capability and performance to process semi-structured or unstructured data such as json and free text
  • Modernizing Azure SQL DB with new APIs for data retrieval
  • Building the next set of application developer features for SQL Server such as GraphQL and new T-SQL capabilities
  • Deepening Azure SQL DBs integration with other Azure features such as Azure Functions and Event Hub

Quаlifiсаtiоns | Jobs in Microsoft

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering or Mathematics or Physics or IT technical discipline or in place of 3+ years of internship or 3+ years of industry engineering experience
  • 10+ years of programming experience in C/C++/C#/Java OR other object-oriented programming languages
  • Technical leadership experience, as engineering manager or technical lead
  • Experience leading and managing a team of engineers to build and ship production grade in-cloud or on-premise software or services
  • Experience building and operating online services and fault-tolerant distributed systems
  • Experience creating and shipping V1 products using modern development practices
  • Experience using agile methodologies or test-driven development (TDD)
  • Strong focus on fundamentals and quality control, passion to help customers
  • Model by example, coach by experience, and care through actions
  • Great curiosity and willingness to question
  • High enthusiasm, integrity, ingenuity, results-orientation, self-motivation, and resourcefulness in a fast-paced competitive environment
  • Love the next problem, the next experiment, the next partner
  • Have a deep desire to work collaboratively, solve problems with groups, find win/win solutions and celebrate successes
  • Get excited by the challenge of hard technical problems
  • Design and development experience in database engines, schema-less data indexing and search technologies, performance tuning and operating system internals
  • M.S./Ph.D. in Computer Science (or equivalent) with specialization in Systems areas

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