Microsoft India Design Challenge 2022 | Microsoft | Internship | Alert | Latest Internship 2022

Microsoft India Design Challenge 2022 | Microsoft | Internship | Alert | Latest Internship 2022

Microsoft India Design Challenge 2022 | Microsoft | Internship | Alert | Latest Internship 2022

About Company

The Azure Dаtа Grouр (DG) in the Loud аnd Enterрrise divisiоn has grown from a 40-million-dollar business to a 7-billion-dollar business over the last ten years, and is one of MiCrоsоft’s primary income generators. The usаge sраns frоm developers, SMBs, and large enterprises tаking mission-critical dependencies оn оur рlаtfоrm fоr а rаngе оf wоrklоаds frоm suреr-fаst LT wоrklоаds & аdvаnсеd dаtа wаrehо The Dаtа Migrаtiоn teаm’s fосus is tо enable сustоmers tо migrаte tо the mоdеrn dаtа рlаtfоrm, working with a wide range of сustоmers and рrоduсts.

Azure database services for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB (pen Sоurсе DBs) are fully managed database services that allow developers to utilise their favourite open-source database engine on Azure. For data processing needs on Azure, we build dependable, highly scalable, and high-performing distributed systems.

The Goal

We’ve arrived at a fork in the road; our decade-old forecasts about the future have been shattered; the way we live, work, learn, and do everything has shifted dramatically; and technological adoption that was predicted to take decades has happened in a matter of months. Looking at it from a positive perspective, this has also opened up some of the most significant opportunities to define the future we want and need.

At Microsoft, we believe that everyone and every organisation on the earth should be able to do more. We don’t have to wait for this empowerment to come to us along the way. We are in the best position to develop and lead this future in the right way because we are problem solvers. Through empathy and a greater awareness of our needs, we as product creators and thinkers may envisage this not just for ourselves, but also for others.

The first step in this Design Challenge is to identify a problem in one of the areas below that could benefit from a high-impact solution. Create a solution that uses digital technology to tackle the specified problem using human-centric design and approaches.


One of the fundamental drivers of human progress is collaboration. Collaboration is necessary for people of various ages, backgrounds, and media.

How can technology effectively address the demand for collaboration to innovate remotely and generate impact for a brighter future as we speed our transition to a hybrid world?


The field of education and learning has seen significant changes. Conventional procedures had suddenly failed, and established technologies had failed to comprehend the core needs of this industry.

How can we go beyond typical digital tools to establish hybrid ways and methods to exchange knowledge and learn for this generation of people on the cusp of this transformation?


Let’s face it: we weren’t designed to look at a screen for hours on end (except to binge watch that new show on Netflix on Friday night, of course). Meeting weariness has an impact on our mental and physical well-being, as well as our productivity. Attention is in short supply. The longer you spend on anything, the less likely you are to complete it.

What can technology and smart design do to improve a person’s well-being and help them produce more productive results?


As “hybrid work” grows more common and we spend more time online collaborating, learning, and conversing, we leave a trail and expose information about ourselves, our devices, networks, and applications to numerous risks. Furthermore, we expose ourselves to online contacts that may have negative consequences for us and those involved. As a result, people are afraid of and distrustful of the technology they use.

How can we, as designers, rethink the future of internet security in a hybrid environment, instil trust in machines, and use technology for good?

Final Solution

Choose one of the four categories listed above, identify a problem, and develop a solution that incorporates digital technology to address the issue. You must demonstrate your ability to clearly articulate the problem and the users. You should demonstrate how you discovered the user’s background, as well as their wants, objectives, and motivations. Your problem area should be large enough to have a significant influence. Your solution should be able to cover all of the above points.

The answer might be short-term and pragmatic, or long-term and visionary. However, the final concept must be unique, technically possible, and have a reasonable probability of being adopted if realised. Your answer can’t simply be a description of a notion. It must be concrete enough to be described, presented, debated, and assessed.

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