Graphic Designer | Myntra | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Graphic Designer | Myntra | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Graphic Designer | Myntra | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

About Company

Myntrа is а оne stор shор fоr аll yоur fаshiоn аnd lifestyle needs. Being Indiа’s lаrgest e-соmmerсe stоre fоr fаshiоn аnd lifestyle рrоduсts, Myntrа аims аt рrоviding а hаssle free аnd enjоyаble shоррing exрerienсe tо shоррers асrоss the соuntry with the widest rаnge оf brаnds аnd рrоduсts оn its роrtаl. The brаnd is mаking а соnsсiоus effоrt tо bring the роwer оf fаshiоn tо shоррers with аn аrrаy оf the lаtest аnd trendiest рrоduсts аvаilаble in the соuntry.

Job Description

Fashion Content

  • Envision Fashion Content of Myntra with elevated fashion propositions
  • Establish Myntra as a leader in best class story telling wrt. latest fashion trends.
  • Streamline the processes across curation,biz & shoots for efficient functioning.
  • Redefine the creative approach to enable international standards when it comes to visual identity.
  • Customer first approach when it comes to executing the above points.

Fast Fashion

  • Establish StyleCast as No.1 fashion destination in India for younger consumers.
  • Revamp the visual identity to capture the most hip and happening trends the young social media frenzy consumers are currently embracing.
  • Redefine the look and feel, usage of models , images and callouts to form a strong identity which Gen-Z relates to.
  • Build a unique identity in terms of creative storytelling that captures the latest trends in the world of fashion .
  • Build a property that stands out from the rest of Myntra with young, bold & elevated fashion propositions.

Topical Activations

  • Envision unique customer experiences through differentiated story telling, brand and offers wrt creatives.
  • Elevated visual communication with a ‘customer first’ mindset.
  • Creative Innovation from event to event basis which has worked with a carefully analysed scope for innovation.

Studio & M-Live

  • Bringing innovations in design by adapting the essence of social media trends in Myntra influencer charter that drives exclusive shopping experiences.
  • Work closely with the studio team to manage daily & weekly refreshes.
  • Bringing creative innovations to increase engagement of live properties.
  • Ensure smoother creative process and TAT


  • Ensure innovations in bringing more NU through unique NUHP experiences.
  • Establish a strong identity for MMC creatives.
  • Ensure User delight & brand love metrics are always high

Team Management

  • Build an enthusiastic team that will drive unique & updated storytelling across different platforms
  • Ensure the pulse of the team is always positive.
  • Bring improvisations in teams creative thinking and execution
  • Ensure the Myntra-culture is valued and followed in every aspect.

Ideal Candidate

Exceptional graphic and aesthetic skills wrt creative design, enthusiastic, problem solving, good managerial, communication & coordination skills, should be able to manage different projects and people.

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