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Associate | Associate Implementation Specialist | Mastercard | Freshers | Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Pune 2022

About Company

We wоrk tо соnneсt аnd роwer аn inсlusive, digitаl eсоnоmy thаt benefits everyоne, everywhere by mаking trаnsасtiоns sаfe, simрle, smаrt аnd ассessible. Using seсure dаtа аnd netwоrks, раrtnershiрs аnd раssiоn, оur innоvаtiоns аnd sоlutiоns helр individuаls, finаnсiаl institutiоns, gоvernments аnd businesses reаlize their greаtest роtentiаl.

Оur deсenсy quоtient, оr DQ, drives оur сulture аnd everything we dо inside аnd оutside оf оur соmраny. We сultivаte а сulture оf inсlusiоn fоr аll emрlоyees thаt resрeсts their individuаl strengths, views, аnd exрerienсes.

Job Description

Lead processing implementation initiatives of a technical and non-technical nature in a customer-facing setting. Deliver standard implementation operations that ensure the implementations’ quality and dependability.

Roles and Responsibility
  • Provide end-to-end project execution throughout basic processing implementation projects.
  • Drive basic customer processing implementation projects of electronic payments processing business activities following the global project coordination methodology.
  • Guide customers through applicable MasterCard processing rules, specification and documentation
  • Identify appropriate processing implementation support documentation (contracts, agreements, forms etc…) to be provided by customers,
  • Handle multiple basic customer processing implementation projects in parallel


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Exact Sciences, Business or equivalent work experience.
  • Knowledge / Experience:
    • “Information Technology” system knowledge, with basic understanding of network technology, applications, and project management.
    • General knowledge in payment transaction processing and industry business principles.
    • General understanding of MasterCard’s payment processing systems, formats and associated customer host interface testing services and principles.
    • General understanding of the 4 party model and the full transaction lifecycle for MasterCard brands
  • Skills/ Abilities:
    • Ability to interact well with the customer
    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Self Starter with a desire to learn independently
    • Basic project management skills
    • Ability to manage change in a technical work environment
    • Ability to understand theory /principles
    • Ability to work as a part of a cross functional team

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