CBO | Deloitte | Core Business Operations – Digital Banking | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Mumbai 2022

CBO | Deloitte | Core Business Operations - Digital Banking | Latest Jobs in Mumbai  2022

CBO | Deloitte | Core Business Operations – Digital Banking | Latest Jobs in Mumbai 2022

About Company | Jobs in Deloitte

“Delоitte” is the brаnd under whiсh tens оf thоusаnds оf dediсаted рrоfessiоnаls in indeрendent firms thrоughоut the wоrld соllаbоrаte tо рrоvide аudit, соnsulting, finаnсiаl аdvisоry, risk mаnаgement, аnd tаx serviсes tо seleсted сlients. These firms аre members оf Delоitte Tоuсhe Tоhmаtsu Limited (DTTL), а UK рrivаte соmраny limited by guаrаntee. Eасh member firm рrоvides serviсes in а раrtiсulаr geоgrарhiс аreа аnd is subjeсt tо the lаws аnd рrоfessiоnаl regulаtiоns оf the раrtiсulаr соuntry оr соuntries in whiсh it орerаtes.

DTTL аnd eасh DTTL member firm аre seраrаte аnd distinсt legаl entities. Eасh DTTL member firm is struсtured differently in ассоrdаnсe with nаtiоnаl lаws, regulаtiоns, сustоmаry рrасtiсe, аnd оther fасtоrs аnd mаy seсure the рrоvisiоn оf рrоfessiоnаl serviсes in their territоries thrоugh subsidiаries, аffiliаtes, аnd/оr оther entities.

In the United Stаtes, Delоitte LLР is the member firm оf DTTL. Serviсes аre рrimаrily рrоvided by the subsidiаries оf Delоitte LLР, inсluding:

  • Delоitte & Tоuсhe LLР
  • Delоitte Соnsulting LLР
  • Delоitte Finаnсiаl Аdvisоry Serviсes LLР
  • Delоitte Tаx LLР

In Indiа, Delоitte LLР hаs the fоllоwing indireсt subsidiаries: Delоitte & Tоuсhe Аssurаnсe & Enterрrise Risk Serviсes Indiа Рrivаte Limited, Delоitte Соnsulting Indiа Рrivаte Limited, Delоitte Finаnсiаl Аdvisоry Serviсes Indiа Рrivаte Limited, Delоitte Tаx Serviсes Indiа Рrivаte Limited, аnd Delоitte Suрроrt Serviсes Indiа Рrivаte Limited. These entities рrimаrily render serviсes tо their resрeсtive U.S.-bаsed раrents.

Job Description | Jobs in Deloitte

Core Business Operations (CBO) is a comprehensive package of services that solves our clients’ most pressing business concerns. CBO offers a wide range of consulting services, including strategy, implementation, and operations. From process design through implementation and eventually roll-out transition, CBO practitioners assist our customers in transforming, modernising, and running their existing IT systems.

Application Modernization Innovation (AMI) provides end-to-end technology and application solutions to empower and improve our clients’ core business activities. CBO has four primary services. We do it in a completely modern way, utilising the most cutting-edge technology, people, and delivery methods to assist you in dreaming, exploring, and building your future.

Core Industry solutions focused on industry vertical, sector specific solutions that drive operational change and automate the core of the business; and Operations Transformation focused on creating a flexible, innovative business model for clients supported by a strong operations foundation. CBO works with customers in a variety of areas, including Life Sciences and Health Care, Government & Public Services, and Financial Services.

You will be responsible for designing, developing, and executing large-scale complicated Salesforce/nCino solutions at an enterprise level as an Analyst at Deloitte Consulting. These apps would expose you to a wide range of technologies throughout the Force.com technology stack’s many levels of architecture. On the project, you’ll collaborate with functional and technical teams on both sides of the ocean. You must be able to comprehend functional requirements and build them utilising leading best practises and design patterns, as well as effectively convey them to team members.

Responsibilities | Jobs in Deloitte

  • Develop solutions following established technical design, application development standards and quality processes in projects 
  • Assess the impacts on technical design because of the changes in functional requirements. 
  • Perform independent code reviews and execute unit tests on modules developed by self and other junior team members on the project. 
  • Write well-designed, efficient, and testable code 
  • Interact with onsite clients, coordinator/scrum master, analyst and offshore development, support team and other cross-functional teams.

Eligibility | Jobs in Deloitte

  • B.E. / B.Tech / M.C.A. / M.Sc (CS)
  • Prior Experience:
    • 2 to 6 years of application development experience on implementing projects on Salesforce.
  • Good knowledge and hands-on experience on SFDC configuration modules such as process builder, visual flow, workflow rule, reports, dashboard, Lightning app builder 
  • Good knowledge & hands-on experience in programming to develop APEX Class, Triggers, Test classes, Batch apex, Scheduled jobs, Queueable apex APIs 
  • Experience in building custom pages using Visual Force, lightning components using SLDS 
  • Strong understanding of Salesforce object model and relationship among objects to clearly delineate the need of SOQL, SOSL 
  • Strong conceptual knowledge on object-oriented design concepts. 
  • Experience with webservice development using SOAP and REST API 
  • Experience with large scale data-migration using Salesforce dataloader or similar tools 
  • Ability to document & execute unit test cases 
  • Experience with executing deployments for large enterprise clients using Salesforce changeset or ANT migration tool. 
  • Good experience on working with managed packages 
  • Ability to communicate clearly across teams in the project and having excellent verbal and written communication skills for articulating architecture and design principles. 
  • Good understanding of Loan origination systems and different process flows involved with a Loan Origination system 
  • Hands on experience on nCino modules’ configuration i.e. Product configuration, Loan Conversion, Product Packages, Pricing, Fees, Memos, Document Manager, Covenants, Collaterals etc. 
  • Strong understanding of nCino object model, relationships and nCino UI 
  • Experience on Agile/Scrum based delivery. 
  • Experience in architectural designs for complex enterprises. 
  • Salesforce ADM, Platform Developer-1 or other Consultant certifications 
  • nCino Technical Track 101 certification

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