Jobs in Barclays

Team Manager | Barclays Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Delhi 2022

Jobs in Barclays

Team Manager | Barclays Careers | Job Alert | Latest Jobs in Delhi 2022

About Company | Jobs in Barclays

Bаrсlаys is а British universаl bаnk. We аre diversified by business, by different tyрes оf сustоmers аnd сlients, аnd by geоgrарhy. Оur businesses inсlude соnsumer bаnking аnd раyments орerаtiоns аrоund the wоrld, аs well аs а tор-tier, full serviсe, glоbаl соrроrаte аnd investment bаnk, аll оf whiсh аre suрроrted by оur serviсe соmраny whiсh рrоvides teсhnоlоgy, орerаtiоns аnd funсtiоnаl serviсes асrоss the Grоuр.

Job Description | Jobs in Barclays

To lead a broad and diverse team of process experts in achieving pre-determined goals. Manage the team’s day-to-day activities and ensure that procedures and policy standards are followed; encourage and inspire advisers; improve agent skill sets; and manage the agents’ personal development goals. Through effective team leadership, assist the Operations Manager in maintaining Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators.

Resроnsibilities | Jobs in Barclays

  • Ensure daily Schedule Adherence. Answer queries raised by the Client & Advisors related to the process
  • Take escalation calls and return calls when a message is taken. Perform regular Quality checks for the Team
  • Monitor performance for all team members on a monthly basis. Convey feedback received from Quality to all
  • Weekly Update on performance levels to the Address administrative issues arising out of day-to-day working
  • Keep the OM regularly updated of any developments relating to the performance of the team, updates received and queries from Clients
  • Ensure each advisor is informed on product updates for the process
  • Measure performance of the team for e.g. performance appraisals, confirmations and on-going feedback and training
  • Issue & Keep track of PIP or Sanction letters. Keep track of leaves availed by Advisors & update them with HR / leave policy
  • Work with Operational Manager to plan and provide support and guidance with Disciplinary & Grievances, completing documentation and scribing for interviews
  • Set targets for the team. Ensure target achievement adhering to Service Level Agreements
  • Conduct regular briefings for the team to discuss performance, Organizational policies and process updates
  • Ensure strict adherence to compliance. Conduct Quality Audits for the Team on a regular basis
  • Provide efficient leadership to the team, Manage attrition rate within target levels, Ensure high levels of motivation among the team
  • Prepare development plans for every team member with a suitable plan of action. Counsel team members, whenever required
  • Plan and impart necessary process- related training to the Advisors, where necessary. Ensure that Clients are aware of any issue and concerns
  • Prepare reports (ad-hoc/BAU) periodically to be sent to the client , Identify process gaps and collaborate with the Client to formulate solutions
  • Act as an interface with the client and to be responsible for completely managing the day-to-day operational functions for the team.
  • To be a single point of contact for addressing grievances, Respond and resolve issues arising out of work or from within the team across departments that may have a bearing on team effectiveness
  • Need-based escalation of decisions and ensure proper follow-up of the same

Eligibility | Jobs in Barclays

  • Need to have an in-depth understanding of different Issuing and Acquiring functions
  • Graduate/Post-Graduate in any discipline
  • Flexibility in hours of work and ability to work changing shifts patterns
  • Should not be on active CAP/DAP
  • Last rating PD rating should be Strong & above

Skills Thаt Will Helр Yоu In The Rоle | Jobs in Barclays

  • Prior experience in Operations & Team Handling
  • Any expertise of handling Voice & Non-voice teams in Merchant operations
  • Knowledge around, Fraud, Merchant Support Terminals, Authorisation, Chargebacks and On-boarding will have added benefit
  • Awareness of industry recognised process automation tool sets / capabilities

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