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Repair Airworthiness Approval | Airbus | Job Alert | Bangalore | Latest Jobs 2021


Repair Airworthiness Approval | Airbus | Job Alert | Bangalore | Latest Jobs 2021

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Airbus pioneers practical aviation for a protected and joined world. The Company continually advances to give proficient and innovatively progressed arrangements in aviation, protection, and associated administrations. In business airplane, Airbus offers current and eco-friendly aircrafts and related administrations. Airbus is additionally an European forerunner in guard and security and one of the world’s driving space organizations. In helicopters, Airbus gives the most proficient common and military rotorcraft arrangements and administrations around the world.

Job Description | Jobs for Engineer

The Jobholder uses the Repair approval legal powers provided by EASA to Airbus in complete conformity with Part 21 and Design organisation Approval standards, retaining Airbus privileges for repair design approval and assuring on-time approval to ensure our customers’ continuous pleasure.

The jobholder ensures the airworthiness of the repair design defined by Airbus, checking for repair that ISRO (In service occurrence) events related to airworthiness are reported, and reporting airworthiness issues to a Chief Airworthiness Engineer.


  • Reviews the repair dossier from the Customer Services, appraises the repair design, verifies the compliance to applicable requirements as Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE), if relevant, and completes the repair Approval Designee checklist in order to approve the Repair, as Designated Airworthiness Engineer (DAE) or communicate specific refusal to the customer support.
  • Verifies the correctness of the repair design archiving, checks the possible unsafe conditions and report airworthiness issues to the Repair approval manager and the relevant Chief Airworthiness Engineer (CAE) to guarantee product safety and maintain our privilege
  • When required, manages the AMOC acceptance dossiers with the CAE and the Authorities.
  • Communicates to the customer Services by answering timely to our Customer in order to maintain Airbus Brand Image
  • Report issues in order to support the head of repair approval, for training or reporting or improvement on the repair approval.
  • The same individual shall be able to manage both roles of CVE and DAE in the repair approval process. Repair CVE/DAE should have sufficient capability in terms of skills, Knowledge of tools, constraints and duties to support the repair approval tasks



  • Access to all the technical manuals: SRM / SB / MPD / NTM / AMM / MMEL / RIC / AD
  • Specific repair communication tools: TRM, RMT, AIRDOC
  • Delegation process related documentation (and specific training).
  • Signature Delegation (Check / Approve/ Refuse) in order to deliver Repair approval documents in line with Customer expectation.
  • Graduate/Post Graduate Engineer (Aerospace Engineering / Mechanical Engineering/Civil Engineering)
  • Structural Engineer, widely experienced on structure engineering knowledge, with an integrated view of the aircraft Design and its operation/maintenance with the following requirements :
  • The engineer has a proven experience on large aircraft structure, and preferably on Airbus products. This experience is gained from areas such as manufacture, maintenance or design and the most appropriate is that of structural stress engineer.
  • Good knowledge about Aircraft structure
  • Significant background in hand calculation (static and/or Fatigue)
  • Technically competent with the Design principles used to the compliance data.
  • Exposure to Structural Repair Manual and other Aircraft maintenance documents is an added advantage.
  • Significant knowledge about calculation method, good understanding of structural behavior.
  • Conceptual Knowledge/Understanding of Airbus Tools for Static and/or Fatigue calculations is preferable
  • Exposure to Airbus stress and/or F&DT manuals
  • The position has an Airworthiness function, the following requirements are a plus:
  • Engineer should be knowledgeable of the Airworthiness domain, on process product and technical requirements and integrated aircraft design, in addition should be able to question and to understand application of technical airworthiness requirements.
  • Should have a sound knowledge of Product Design.
  • Conversant with the roles and responsibilities of a Type Certificate holder operating under a Design Organization Approval granted by EASA.
  • Experience in the various approval procedures (EASA Part 21 / CS / JAR / FAR).
  • Soft Skills
    • You are recognized for being a team player, autonomous and customer-oriented with strong communication skills.
    • You have problem-solving approach
    • The repair CVE/DAE speaks English, is able to communicate with the team, to listen but has to decide on his/her own.
    • Ability to work independently & in a team in a transnational environment
    • Ability to communicate effectively (oral, writing & presentation)
    • Flexibility & adaptability
    • Ability to accept responsibility of task and hold signature delegation.

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