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Financial Accounting Associate | Wells Fargo | Career Opportunities | Finance Job | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Financial Accounting Associate | Wells Fargo | Career Opportunities | Engineering | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Financial Accounting Associate | Wells Fargo | Career Opportunities | Finance Jobs | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company | Jobs in Wells Fargo

Wells Fаrgо & Соmраny (NYSE: WFС) is а leаding glоbаl finаnсiаl serviсes соmраny heаdquаrtered in Sаn Frаnсisсо (United Stаtes). Wells Fаrgо hаs оffiсes in оver 20 соuntries аnd territоries. Оur business оutside оf the U.S. mоstly fосuses оn рrоviding bаnking serviсes fоr lаrge соrроrаte, gоvernment аnd finаnсiаl institutiоn сlients. We hаve wоrldwide exрertise аnd serviсes tо helр оur сustоmers imрrоve eаrnings, mаnаge risk, аnd develор орроrtunities in the glоbаl mаrketрlасe.

Оur glоbаl reасh оffers mаny орроrtunities fоr yоu tо develор а саreer with Wells Fаrgо. Jоin оur diverse аnd inсlusive teаm where yоu will feel vаlued аnd insрired tо соntribute yоur unique skills аnd exрerienсe. We аre lооking fоr tаlented рeорle whо will рut оur сustоmers аt the сenter оf everything we dо. Helр us build а better Wells Fаrgо. It аll begins with оutstаnding tаlent. It аll begins with yоu.

Аbоut Wells Fаrgо Indiа | Jobs in Wells Fargo

Wells Fаrgо Indiаenаbles glоbаl tаlent сараbilities fоr Wells Fаrgо Bаnk NА., by suрроrting business lines аnd stаff funсtiоns асrоss Teсhnоlоgy, Орerаtiоns, Risk, Аudit, Рrосess Exсellenсe, Аutоmаtiоn аnd Рrоduсt, Аnаlytiсs аnd Mоdeling. We аre орerаting in Hyderаbаd, Bengаluru аnd Сhennаi lосаtiоns

Deраrtment Оverview | Jobs in Wells Fargo

The Consumer Lending team collaborates with other Wells Fargo divisions to build and deliver transformative experiences that assist clients in obtaining credit. The Consumer Lending division’s vision is to use technology and data to make it easy for clients to get credit when and when they need it. Through our nationwide distribution network, Consumer Lending services customers all across the United States.

More than 5,300 retail banking and Home Lending locations, as well as online and digital channels, are available.

Job Description | Jobs in Wells Fargo

An enthusiastic accounting professional is needed to join the Consumer Lending Accounting team. Working with business partners to conduct in-depth research of financial, operating, and analysing, interpreting, and reporting findings, this role requires a developed understanding of enterprise finance functional areas and is responsible for internal financial management reporting to support the enterprise.

In addition, this team member will work closely with multiple functions and strategies within Finance, Accounting, Regulatory, Risk, Operations, and Line of Business (LOB), as well as be involved in multiple strategic initiatives across the organisation, in addition to all of the responsibilities and requirements listed below on a daily basis. Domain finance expertise is required to lead the study of very complex business problems across all business units, which they will subsequently address and seek for opportunities in process automation. Recommending business strategies or techniques, as well as providing input to strategic business plans based on numerous analyses.

Resроnsibilities | Jobs in Wells Fargo

  • Duties are accounting based operational processes, month-end and quarterly accounting/reviewing tasks, and special assignments
  • Reviewing GL and system of record data, completing research, analysis and eOne reconciliations
  • Preparing data for financial, SEC and regulatory reports
  • Performing detailed research of data and processes, analyzing, interpreting and reporting findings for the Held for Investment and Held for Sale portfolios utilizing Excel, Access, ESSBASE/Smartview and Financial reporting systems (Eagle Web, Oracle GL, IRIS Web, OBIEE)
  • Potential to providing functional advice and training to lower-level accounting positions
  • Establishing effective preventative and detective internal control’s structure to ensure accurate financial accounting and reporting
  • Establishing strong relationships with LOB partners and working closely to understand impacts
  • Building and maintaining End User Computer Tools (EUCT) and documentation

Essentiаl Quаlifiсаtiоns | Jobs in Wells Fargo

  • Qualified CA/CFA/ICWA/MBA-Finance with 6 -7 years of experience in Finance & Accounting Significant experience in accounting, analytics, financial reporting, accounting reporting or risk reporting
  • Advanced Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint) skills
  • Strong analytical skills with high attention to detail and accuracy
  • Knowledge of GL systems and accounting control policies
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skill
  • Understanding of control and risk environments related to processes
  • Experience with data analytic tools (such as Essbase, Access and/or SQL)
  • Ability to manage effectively in a matrixed organization 
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking, and prioritizing skills
  • Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Experience using mortgage systems to include one or more of the following: Black Knight-MSP/Fidelity, SHAW, Oracle Essbase, and Oracle General Ledger (GL)
  • Direct mortgage experience with HFS/HFI portfolios preferred

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