Data Scientist Recruitment in Philips

Finance Analyst | Philips | Career Opportunities | Sr Manager | Jobs in Chennai | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Finance Analyst | Philips | Career Opportunities | Sr Manager | Jobs in Chennai | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Finance Analyst | Philips | Career Opportunities | Sr Manager | Jobs in Chennai | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company

Rоyаl Рhiliрs (NYSE: РHG, АEX: РHIА) is а leаding heаlth teсhnоlоgy соmраny fосused оn imрrоving рeорle’s heаlth аnd enаbling better оutсоmes асrоss the heаlth соntinuum frоm heаlthy living аnd рreventiоn, tо diаgnоsis, treаtment аnd hоme саre.

Рhiliрs leverаges аdvаnсed teсhnоlоgy аnd deeр сliniсаl аnd соnsumer insights tо deliver integrаted sоlutiоns. Heаdquаrtered in the Netherlаnds, the соmраny is а leаder in diаgnоstiс imаging, imаge-guided therарy, раtient mоnitоring аnd heаlth infоrmаtiсs, аs well аs in соnsumer heаlth. Рhiliрs’ heаlth teсhnоlоgy роrtfоliо generаted 2018 sаles оf EUR 18.1 billiоn аnd emрlоys аррrоximаtely 77,000 emрlоyees with sаles аnd serviсes in mоre thаn 100 соuntries.

Рhiliрs Indiа Limited is а subsidiаry оf Rоyаl Рhiliрs оf the Netherlаnds, fосused оn imрrоving рeорle’s lives thrоugh meаningful innоvаtiоn in the аreаs оf Heаlth Саre аnd Рersоnаl Heаlth. Рhiliрs hаs strоng Brаnd Equity аnd reсоgnized аmоngst mоst Innоvаtive Соmраnies glоbаlly grоwing better thаn industry аnd gаining mаrket shаres асrоss саtegоries.

Job Description | Finance Manager

The Financial Planning & Analysis unit in India is responsible for providing fast, accurate, and actionable information to Royal Philips plc across markets, company verticals, and divisions for successful decision making. FP&A is also undergoing a digital transformation through automation, which is encouraging innovation in forecasting and prediction capabilities, sophisticated data analytics, modelling, and scenario building for top leadership decision support.

Our world-class team actively participates in continuous learning and career development opportunities in a truly global environment in this health technology leader, in a vibrant work culture fueled by innovation, learning, and trying out new ideas, while constantly enhancing our data analytics capabilities.

Responsibilities | Finance Manager

  • Providing financial analysis and reports on the business performance including: Month End Closing, Annual Operating Plan, Quarterly forecasts, and Strategic Plan, with focus on P&L analytics
  • Participating in various x-BG/Market Finance improvement projects. Actively contributes to realizing process improvements
  • Understanding financial operating systems and tools. Accountable for the quality, accuracy and integrity of information stored in our systems. Work towards harmonizing analytics and reports.
  • Providing guidance to financial and non-financial stakeholders on FP&A related matters and provide training on new reports, analytics, reporting/ planning instructions, tools, changes, etc.
  • Analyzes and reports on business performance by means of: Monthly performance, AOP, product/market/customer/integral profitability, Quarterly Forecasting, RoFo, Strategic Review, cost control.
  • Target Setting / Remuneration, Pricing/margin analysis, etc. Performs forward-looking ad-hoc analysis, such as project & strategy evaluation, benchmarking, Price/Volume mix, scenario analysis, etc.
  • Prepares, attends, minutes and keeps track of follow ups regarding performance and strategy meetings. Takes initiative to bring relevant financial issues to the attention of his/her relevant stakeholders.
  • Participates in various x-BG/Sector/Market Finance improvement projects. Understands systems and tools. Ensures quality, accuracy and integrity of information stored in our systems, enabling a single source of truth

Eligibility | Finance Manager

  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in a Business Economics, Finance and/or Accounting orientated study. CA/CPA/ICWAI/MBA Finance preferred.
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant progressive working experience and roles in e.g. Finance, FP&A, financial control, management reporting and analysis, preferably within an international environment.
  • Intellectual capacity to digest complex information, see trends & analysis through data
  • Advanced technical skills in Excel, ERP (SAP preferred) and PowerPoint
  • Experience with reporting & analytical tools, like SPSS, Business-Intelligence environments, SQL, etc.
  • Delivers meaningful, accurate and timely reporting, analysis and planning support for senior analysts, managers and FP&A stakeholders.
  • Strong affinity with LEAN processes and tools
  • Curious mind-set, with excellent communication skills
  • Guide other analysts in preparing their deliverables
  • Ability to balance speed and accuracy
  • Works with multiple internal and external stakeholders to prepare FP&A deliverables
  • Takes pro-active ownership and accountability for independent analytical work or process coordination and improvement.
  • Exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate action

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