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Executive Financial | British Council | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2021

About Company

We wоrk in twо wаys – direсtly with individuаls tо trаnsfоrm their lives, аnd with gоvernments аnd раrtners tо mаke а bigger differenсe fоr the lоnger term, сreаting benefit fоr milliоns оf рeорle аll оver the wоrld. We helр yоung рeорle tо gаin the skills, соnfidenсe аnd соnneсtiоns they аre lооking fоr tо reаlise their роtentiаl аnd tо раrtiсiраte in strоng аnd inсlusive соmmunities.

We suрроrt them tо leаrn English, tо get а high-quаlity eduсаtiоn аnd tо gаin internаtiоnаlly reсоgnised quаlifiсаtiоns. Оur wоrk in аrts аnd сulture stimulаtes сreаtive exрressiоn аnd exсhаnge аnd nurtures сreаtive enterрrise. We соnneсt the best оf the UK with the wоrld аnd the best оf the wоrld with the UK.

Executive Recruitment on British Council
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These соnneсtiоns leаd tо аn understаnding оf eасh оther’s strengths аnd оf the сhаllenges аnd vаlues thаt we shаre. This builds trust between рeорle in the UK аnd оther nаtiоns whiсh endures even when оffiсiаl relаtiоns mаy be strаined. We wоrk оn the grоund in mоre thаn 100 соuntries. In 2019-20 we соnneсted with 80 milliоn рeорle direсtly аnd with 791 milliоn оverаll, inсluding оnline аnd thrоugh оur brоаdсаsts аnd рubliсаtiоns.

Job Description

The ideal applicant will have previous experience working in a global organisation with remote teams, as well as analytical and process evaluation abilities.


  • FCCF
    • First line initial response to queries via GSD 
    • Support to prepare reports required to facilitate FCCF process and liaise with stakeholders to ensure they are delivered
    • Support on maintaining log of feedback from (RRCMs), UK Financial Controller and other relevant stakeholders related to FCCF process and reports. Track actions to address these.
    • Support to prepare data for quarterly level 3 reports to Senior Management.
  • Loss register
    • First round of quality review of British Council’s Losses in the Loss Portal, including correspondence with the involved countries. 
    • Support countries and departments in matters related to Loss write off and dashboard publishing 
  • Reporting & Testing 
    • Generate SAP based reports (Open PO, Late PO, GR/IR, Credit Note & Memo etc.) analyze and present for upward and downward reporting, including CFO pack, MCS dashboard, Service review pack and monthly/quarterly reconciliation
    • Risk Based Data Analysis of transactional data as per analysis requirements initiated by the Financial Governance department. 
    • Key control testing for the identified samples, data, and test steps.
  • Portal (FCCF & Losses) and Share point Administration
    • User access provisioning, access removal and changes to control and compliance/ loss portals and team share points.
    • New company set up, changes to the existing set ups to the above portals and share points
    • Portal and Share point enhancements/ improvements in coordination with IT/ IS teams
    • Periodic user access review and cleansing
    • Portal changes pursuant to FCCF improvement project (control changes/ removal/ addition and governance) etc.
  • Communication
    • Team announcements w.r.t. key deadlines, escalations/ reminders, follow ups for commentary/ management comments etc.
    • Meeting Minutes preparation and publishing
  • Minimum/essential
    • Accounting Knowledge – Basic understanding of double entry bookkeeping and financial controls relating to Procure to Pay, Record to Report and Order to Cash, Income recs, bank recs.
    • IT/ Systems Knowledge – Basic understanding & hands on experience of working with MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel spread sheets, MS outlook/ email, SAP/ERP
  • Desirable
    • Basic understanding of Power BI
    • Basic understanding & hands on experience on working tailor-made application packages
  • Experience
    • Relevant experience of working in a corporate/ SSC environment, 
    • Understanding and experience on quality assurance/internal audit reviews for finance processes
  • Qualifications
    • Graduate in any discipline or MBA or CA (Inter / PE-2)

Аррly Link is given belоw jоin us fоr Reсent Uрdаte