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Engineer | Big Data Engineer | Latest Jobs at Apple | Career | Latest Job Opportunity in Hyderabad 2022

Engineer | Big Data Engineer | Latest Jobs at Apple | Career | Latest Job Opportunity in Hyderabad

Engineer | Big Data Engineer | Latest Jobs at Apple | Career | Latest Job Opportunity in Hyderabad 2022

About Company

Аррle is аn Аmeriсаn teсhnоlоgy соmраny fоunded by Steve Jоbs, Steve Wоzniаk, аnd Rоnаld Wаyne in Арril 1976. Inсоrроrаted in 1977, the соmраny wаs оne оf the eаrly mаnufасturers оf рersоnаl соmрuting deviсes with grарhiсаl user interfасe. Оver the yeаrs, the соmраny аlsо fоrаyed intо оther соnsumer eleсtrоniсs segments like mоbile соmmuniсаtiоn deviсes, digitаl musiс рlаyers, nоtebооks, аnd weаrаbles. The соmраny аlsо develорs аnd mаrkets а rаnge оf relаted sоftwаre аnd serviсes, ассessоries, аnd netwоrking sоlutiоns. Сurrently, the соmраny’s сhief exeсutive оffiсer (СEО) is Timоthy Dоnаld Сооk, соmmоnly knоwn аs Tim Сооk.

Job Description | Sr. Software Engineer Recruitment

We’re searching for passionate people to join our team at Apple to help us build the data foundations and tools we’ll need to shape the future of commerce and Apple Pay! On huge volume data sets, you will develop and implement scalable, extensible, and highly accessible data pipelines that will provide significant insights and strategy for payment products. We believe in iterative and quick development, with open feedback and debate along the way. Although analytics is a team sport, we seek to make solo decisions and take calculated risks.

Across product and design, engineering, and business teams, our team works closely with partners. Our objective is to foster innovation by offering great systems and technology to our business and data scientist partners, allowing them to make decisions that improve the customer experience when utilising our services. Demonstrating enormous data sources, assisting with the extraction of significant insights, delivering multifaceted, and putting our data to life through spectacular visualisations will all be part of this.

You will work with multiple data analysts, instrumentation specialists, and engineering teams to develop requirements that will lead to the creation of data pipelines, collaborating with the head of Wallet Payments & Commerce Data Engineering & BI. Work closely with the application server engineering team to gain a thorough understanding of the architecture and internal APIs involved in forthcoming and ongoing Apple Pay developments.

We’re looking for someone who can play a key role in assisting analysts and business users in making data and visualization-based decisions. As you design and develop query friendly data structures, you will collaborate with important partners from the engineering, analytics, and business departments!

The ideal applicant is a self-motivated team member who is knowledgeable in a wide range of data processing methodologies, has the capacity to adapt and learn rapidly, can deliver results with little direction, and can choose the optimal data processing solution.

Responsibilities | Sr. Software Engineer Recruitment

  • You like to automate anything you do and document it for the benefit of others. 
  • You are an independent problem-solver who is self-directed and capable of exhibiting deftness to handle multiple simultaneous competing priorities and deliver solutions in a timely manner.
  • Provide incident resolution for all technical production issues. 
  • Create and maintain accurate, up-to-date documentation reflecting configuration, and responsible for writing justifications, training users in complex topics, writing status reports, documenting procedures, and interacting with other Apple staff and management.
  • Provide guidance to improve the stability, security, efficiency and scalability of systems. 
  • Determine future needs for capacity and investigate new products and/or features. 
  • Strong troubleshooting ability will be used daily; will take steps on their own to isolate issues and resolve root cause through investigative analysis in environments where the candidate has little knowledge/experience/documentation. 
  • Administer and ensure the proper execution of the backup systems. 
  • Provide 24×7 on-call support to handle urgent critical issues.

Eligibility | Sr. Software Engineer Recruitment

  • Experience with Kubernetes or other container orchestration framework.
  • Experience building and operating large scale Hadoop/Spark data infrastructure used for machine learning in a production environment 
  • Experience in tuning complex hive and spark queries
  • Expertise in debugging Hadoop/Spark/Hive issues using Namenode, Datanode, Nodemanager, spark executor logs.
  • Experience in Capacity management on multi tenant Hadoop cluster
  • Experience in Workflow and data pipeline orchestration (Airflow, Oozie, Jenkins etc.)
  • Experience in Jupyter based notebook infrastructure.
  • Hadoop SRE Experience – Manage HDFS, YARN, HIVE.
  • Experience in managing Kafka-based data-pipelines / Spark Jobs / Airflow DAGs / Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Experience in managing/deploying application on thousands of nodes across multiple Data-centers using configuration management tool (such as SaltStack, Ansible etc.)
  • Experience managing Hadoop/YARN clusters with thousands of nodes and 10’s of petabytes of data running 10’s of thousands of jobs
  • Have a passion for automation by creating tools using Python, Java or other JVM languages
  • Excellent troubleshooting, problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
  • Good understanding of Unix/Linux based operating system. Proficient in unix, command-line tools, and general system debugging

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