Associate | Analytics & Business Insights | Myntra | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Associate | Analytics & Business Insights | Myntra | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

Associate | Analytics & Business Insights | Myntra | Job | Alert | Latest Jobs in Bangalore 2022

About Company

Myntrа is а оne stор shор fоr аll yоur fаshiоn аnd lifestyle needs. Being Indiа’s lаrgest e-соmmerсe stоre fоr fаshiоn аnd lifestyle рrоduсts, Myntrа аims аt рrоviding а hаssle free аnd enjоyаble shоррing exрerienсe tо shоррers асrоss the соuntry with the widest rаnge оf brаnds аnd рrоduсts оn its роrtаl. The brаnd is mаking а соnsсiоus effоrt tо bring the роwer оf fаshiоn tо shоррers with аn аrrаy оf the lаtest аnd trendiest рrоduсts аvаilаble in the соuntry.


  • Displays structured problem solving, application of right tools & techniques to solve open ended problems, Creates productized analytics solutions or frameworks independently.
  • Understand Business problems and come up with data driven tech solutions.
  • Root cause analysis and Deep dive analysis of certain business problems using Machine Learning techniques.
  • Data integration and building a data warehouse for automating the Business Intelligence system
  • Running and maintaining the reporting system, presenting insights at a weekly forum
  • Building templates, dashboards in Excel or on the intranet for operational and management reporting
  • Data extraction as per business request for Ad hoc analysis
  • Business analysis and understanding
  • Evaluating metrics to be tracked as per business goals, exploring other available metrics for deeper understanding of business performance
  • Statistical and Analytical Models and methods for data analysis


  • 2-4 years of experience in working on reporting / business intelligence systems
  • Quick learner and ability to work in dynamic work environment
  • Team player and comfortable interacting with people from multiple disciplines
  • Expert knowledge of data manipulation language such as SQL.Advanced knowledge of modeling tools such as R, Python, SAS, SPSS. Designs and develops data flow for analytics products;
  • Established expertise in designing new dashboards, identifying the right metrics, layout; displays proficiency in building dashboards on UDP and Tableau using best practices and intuitive visualization
  • In addition to statistical techniques, applied knowledge of many commonly used ML, OR, other soft computation techniques such as – Random Forest, SVM, KNN, xGB (Gradient Boosting) – Apriori (association rules), Naive Bayes Classification – Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithm – Integer and MILP Programming, Non Linear Optimisation – Advanced linear and non linear regression techniques – Advanced clustering techniques – Queueing techniques, Stochastic modeling and Simulation.
  • B Tech/BE in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputed college.

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