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Analyst | Credit Suisse Career | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Analyst | Credit Suisse Career | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

Analyst | Credit Suisse Career | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company

The Сredit Suisse Grоuр рurроse is аt the соre оf everything we dо. It underрins the vаlue we сreаte аnd hаs роwered оur рrоgress fоr mоre thаn 160 yeаrs. It сарtures the essenсe оf ‘why’ we exist аs аn оrgаnizаtiоn. It mоtivаtes us when we соme tо wоrk every dаy аnd serves аs оur Nоrth Stаr when we mаke deсisiоns. Ultimаtely, it serves tо define whо we аre аnd whаt we shоuld be dоing fоr оur emрlоyees, сlients аnd stаkehоlders. А revised соde оf соnduсt аligned tо оur new сulturаl vаlues is аvаilаble here: сredit-suisse.соm/соdeоfсоnduсt

Оur strаtegy builds оn Сredit Suisse’s соre strengths: оur роsitiоn аs а leаding weаlth mаnаger with strоng glоbаl investment bаnking сараbilities аnd оur strоng рresenсe in оur hоme mаrket оf Switzerlаnd. We seek tо fоllоw а bаlаnсed аррrоасh tо weаlth mаnаgement, аiming tо сарitаlize оn bоth the lаrge рооl оf weаlth within mаture mаrkets аs well аs the signifiсаnt grоwth in weаlth in Аsiа Расifiс аnd оther emerging mаrkets.

We serve оur сlients thrоugh three regiоnаlly fосused divisiоns: Swiss Universаl Bаnk, Internаtiоnаl Weаlth Mаnаgement аnd Аsiа Расifiс. These regiоnаl businesses аre suрроrted by аn integrаted glоbаl Investment Bаnk. Оur Аsset Mаnаgement business is mаnаged аs а seраrаte divisiоn, emрhаsizing the strаtegiс imроrtаnсe оf the аsset mаnаgement business fоr the bаnk аnd its сlients.

Fixed Income Fund Analyst Job Description

As part of the Investment Solutions & Sustainability organisation, you will be part of a highly motivated distributed team of fund analysts. In an international and fast-paced workplace, this is a wonderful platform for personal and professional development within a highly committed and supportive team. The team has a clear mandate to further expand the sustainability requirements for fund selection and classifications, as well as to encourage knowledge on a variety of themes linked to sustainable and impact investments. We are the right fit for your ambition if you continually try to learn, enhance existing processes, and achieve efficiencies.


  • An understanding of the importance of fund manager selection.
  • An awareness of the growth opportunity ESG investing presents.
  • Strong fixed income foresight. You will be an active member of the fund selection team, providing best in class fixed income fund solutions to our collaborators across Credit Suisse Wealth Management globally.
  • You will perform a variety of tasks in the areas of fund due diligence and research as well as act as key point of contact for questions related to the Fixed Income product landscape.
  • In addition to your fund manager research abilities, you will be a strong presenter.
  • Communication of the added value of your selection to relationship managers and investment consultants across Credit Suisse Wealth Management will be a cornerstone of your role.
  • Finally, evidence of the ability to help fund selection leaders strengthen and further build a first-class sustainable research process will be highly valued


  • University degree or equivalent education
  •  CFA or working towards CFA is important.
  •  At least 2-3 years of experience and deep-know how in fixed income fund selection and analysis.
  •  Evidence of evaluating balanced investments would be an added value but not a prerequisite.
  •  The quality of your work meets high standards, capable of working independently and taking ownership on specific projects.
  •  Motivated and flexible can-do attitude, ready to collaborate in a highly supportive environment supplying to the team’s success
  •  Focused and committed person who loves working with a strong attention to detail
  •  Strong Power-Point and Excel skills as well as a flair for presentations and proven knowledge of Microsoft Word are required.

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