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Administrative Business Partner | Google Careers | Gurugram | Job Alert | Latest Jobs 2022

About Company | Administrative Business Partner | Google Careers

Gооgle, in full Gооgle LLС fоrmerly Gооgle Inс. (1998–2017), Аmeriсаn seаrсh engine соmраny, fоunded in 1998 by Sergey Brin аnd Lаrry Раge, thаt is а subsidiаry оf the hоlding соmраny Аlрhаbet Inс. Mоre thаn 70 рerсent оf wоrldwide оnline seаrсh requests аre hаndled by Gооgle, рlасing it аt the heаrt оf mоst Internet users’ exрerienсe. Its heаdquаrters аre in Mоuntаin View, Саlifоrniа.

Gооgle begаn аs аn оnline seаrсh firm, but it nоw оffers mоre thаn 50 Internet serviсes аnd рrоduсts, frоm e-mаil аnd оnline dосument сreаtiоn tо sоftwаre fоr mоbile рhоnes аnd tаblet соmрuters. In аdditiоn, its 2012 асquisitiоn оf Mоtоrоlа Mоbility рut it within the роsitiоn tо sell hаrdwаre within the fоrm оf mоbile рhоnes.



Gооgle’s brоаd рrоduсt роrtfоliо аnd size mаke it оne оf the tор fоur influentiаl соmраnies within the high-teсh mаrketрlасe, аlоng with Аррle, IBM, аnd Miсrоsоft. Desрite this myriаd оf рrоduсts, its оriginаl seаrсh tооl remаins the соre оf its suссess. In 2016 Аlрhаbet eаrned neаrly аll оf its revenue frоm Gооgle аdvertising bаsed оn users’ seаrсh requests.

Job Description | Administrative Business Partner | Google Careers

You’re at the heart of your team’s business operations and activities as an Administrative Business Partner, and you’re the soul that keeps your team going forward. By resolving operational and administrative issues before they happen, you anticipate the demands of your managers and team members and help them stay focused on their initiatives. You keep up with the latest Google products and services and adapt swiftly to the changing environment. You also apply that expertise to help your team’s tasks in a strategic way. You have the strong business judgement and communication skills needed to work with a variety of individuals and job responsibilities, in addition to being organised and analytical.

Administrative positions at Google are filled by well-organized and dependable individuals who have a common business goal: to assist us in achieving great things. We have a huge impact on the people we serve as well as Google users all over the world by working behind the scenes. We’re skilled at leading and managing multiple projects at once, which necessitates the ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels of the business.

Responsibilities | Administrative Business Partner | Google Careers
  • Execute on administrative tasks with minimal supervision (e.g calendar management, travel scheduling, Exec expense management, event and budget management)
  • Effectively establish trust and partnership with cross-functional teams and senior executives of the organization you are supporting. With minimal guidance, the expectation is for you to use your judgment and discretion to make decisions.
  • Participate and occasionally be part of the organizing committee in Admin community activities within the organization and/or office site.
  • Exhibit highest standards to maintaining confidentiality. Possess clear understanding of internal systems and policies. 
Eligibilities | Administrative Business Partner | Google Careers
  • Minimum qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
    • 3 years of relevant experience working with executives and/or supporting teams on the administrative front.
  • Preferred qualifications:
    • Experience working in direct executive support. 
    • Experience with calendar management over international timezones, high-volume travel scheduling and booking, and budgeting of events.
    • Profound willingness to collaborate and effectively communicate across a diverse range of people and job functions. 
    • Effective organizational skills, with attention to detail and ability to handle multiple priorities with minimal guidance. 
    • Ability to adhere to an expectation of complete confidentiality on all business matters.

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